16 Jul 2016

Posing as the Black Victim is a Well-Paying Profession in This Country

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Stacey Patton, obviously an assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Morgan State University purely on the basis of racial favoritism, in the Washington Post, blames all the problems and misbehavior of Black America on white people and rejects Hillary Clinton’s recent call for reconciliation and national unity.

Asking black people to participate in this reconciliation process … suggests that we bear responsibility in this mess. But we didn’t invent the concept of race. We didn’t create and don’t sustain institutionalized racism. And we surely don’t benefit from it.

Rhetorical calls for unity won’t address the fundamental sources of inequality: mass incarceration, employment discrimination, militarized policing, the school-to-prison pipeline, divestment in communities of color, political disenfranchisement, displacement of poor and working-class people of color from gentrifying cities. The emphasis on unity makes no room for discussion about growing white resentment and feelings of victimization, and it presumes that black folks bear responsibility for the entrenched problem of a “colorblind” white America that denies racism even exists.

And while Clinton may not have intended it this way, what the message of unity winds up doing is blaming communities of color for failing to assimilate, rather than acknowledging that the very fabric of this nation is built upon a diabolical, calculated and constantly evolving system of racism.

It’s really time for major national newspapers to stop pandering, and granting legitimacy and publication space, to this kind of offensive, insolent, and infantile leftist poppycock.

Pimps and drug dealers are not criminals because somebody else discriminated against them in employment. The illiterate underclass is the underclass because its members prefer the pursuit of intoxication and sex to gainful employment, not because somebody else took away their upper-middle class professional status. The world does not owe inner-city communities of thugs living in state-supplied housing who’ve ruined their own neighborhoods outside investment.

The author’s own history demonstrates that very modest cooperation with the universal free education system in this country will currently easily gain African Americans status and employment well above their actual deserts.

Ms. Patton’s expressed world-view constitutes a pathological, self-defeating fantasy of perennial victimization, and is really nothing other than one more manifestation of the long-entrenched African-American habit of using Angry Black Person dramaturgy to elevate their own personal status and to shakedown more free goodies from the liberal suckers in charge of the system. These days, if Ms. Patton writes enough of this kind of thing in sufficiently hysterical tones containing precisely this kind of bold-faced insult and accusation, white liberal masochists at the Atlantic will probably give her a really well-paying and prestigious gig helping Ta-Nehisi Coates take another poke at whitey every month.

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If Ms. Patton is not happy and sees no way or reason for blacks to assimilate, I will be happy to dig into my emergency fund and buy her a one-way ticket to any country on the African continent she wants to go to. I’m sure she can parley her degree in multimedia journalism in Zimbabwe.

Hey! Make that any other country, Africa or not, just as long as she doesn’t come back. She can take Ta-Nehisi with her, too, but I will probably need help for his ticket.


The irony… accusing Dr. Patton of exploiting black tragedy for personal gain while you are clearly using her voice to gain traction on a shitty blog no one ever heard of.

Shelese Greene

Oh shit, you buying tickets to Africa?! Buy me one too homie!


This post reeks of hurt feelings.


that’s DR. PATTON to you, asshole.


Oh, you are salty, aren’t you!


Don’t be mad cause you got your proverbial wig snached!


In the absence of any resemblance of factuality, re-regurgitate tired old trope. But who could expect any better of JIZ.

Kathleen Trisdale

Is this a blog or a self-pity party? OMG No one will think I’m the alpha human anymore! WAH!


Wow. Nice strawman. Tell you what. If we get a doll can you show me on the doll where she hurt you when she shattered your paradigms ? It’s okay…there there….

Avon B

You mad, son? Tell em why you mad!


“[W]e do understand being black in America. We’ve heard little else for decades, to the point of fatigue. Here it is: black America shouldn’t be required to live by the same rules and laws as the rest of us because they, and only they, have had it tough. And if we go for too long without thinking of them, and only of them, they’ll throw a bloody tantrum because nothing else and no one else matters but them. Simple, no?” —http://www.woodpilereport.com/html/index-434.htm

James Henderson

You do realize that Morgan State is an historically black college, right? These colleges exist because of white racist segregation laws that disallowed blacks from gaining entry to white colleges that showed favoritism. Asshole.

Cornell Manning

So…when black people are criminal or unsuccessful in life, it is not because they have been affected by any outside discriminatory influences. They have done it to themselves. Yet, when they are educated and successfully employed, it is “purely on the basis of racial favoritism.” Sounds like Dr. Patton is not the only one with a world-view that is quite full of fantasy.

Tiffany Jones

It pays much, much more go with the system than to go against it. If you go with the status quo, you may get air time long after your career is over, i.e. Stacy Dash. Racist absolutely love it when they are absolved of all guilt, the blame is placed on the victims by other victims.


The essay above wreaks of white male privilige, so I will assume the author is white and male. To the author: please visit the following link, as it will offer you some much needed education and insight. Listen and learn, then read the book. I think you will agree that one should be thoroughly educated on a subject before attempting to write about it. The great American pathology is the ongoing denial of institutional racism. This country will never be able to move forward until white Americans, such as yourself, acknowledge their own white privilige and the existence of inequality and stereotypes that continue to marginalize people of color. http://www.npr.org/2012/01/16/145175694/legal-scholar-jim-crow-still-exists-in-america


You mad, boy? Here’s a cape. Now you can be supermad.


Way to use Dr. Patton as a way to boost your highly irrelevant blog.

Michael Malohifoou

White fragility and self victimization are my favorite obvious self serving types of hypocrisy. The idea tha POC want to be allowed the privilege that white folk have been born with since the genesis of America seems so upsetting to you. The assumption that the “illiterate underclass” doesn’t represent the majority of white america falls flat on its face in the presence of statistical verification (or when looking at the 2016 Trump electorate.) Your white American dream is to perpetuate a colonialist bleached flour society. Devoid of culture and guilt. Unfortunately your more intellectual counterparts now see the error in this thinking – hypocrisy and cannot be successfully executed in a valid and enriched society. Any society that accepts its own cultural heritage, must first accept its inherent cultural flaws. Im sorry that sins of whiteness have come back to haunt you. Although long over due, I’m sure it is a hard pill to swallow. If you don’t like the process you have to face I would be happy to buy you a ticket back to Europe. Providing you know your lineage, and where you belong outside of the classical white American benighted sausage.


Stacey Patton is more racist than the KKK, along with her pathetic brainwashed followers that bow down to kiss her ass and agrees with all of her racist anti white ramblings. Don’t drink the kool-aid.


Dr. Patton finds much more joy from the people who are making you look foolish in the comments thread than you being a fragile white person. I’m glad you’re super mad. You’re not the hero white people need, you’re the hero they deserve.

Another Black Woman Laughing At You

Awww, someone got their white male fee fees hurt.



Bless your heart.


You are clearly intellectually inferior to Dr. Patton. No one cares what the fuck your have to say. Have several seats somewhere with your shitty blog!


Another right wing asshole spouting the same tired racist bullshit from a playlist that endlessly repeats itself.

Ms. Patton is hilarious, funny, incisive and runs rings around her detractors.

She’s astute enough to understand that ‘unity’ is whitespeak for ‘shut the fuck up and stop talking about it cause you’re hurting our feelings’.


Lol this is funny. Using Dr. Patton to get readers and we are just here to ridicule you. If you’re buying tickets count me in. I need a vacation from you…

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…”the message of unity winds up doing is blaming communities of color for failing to assimilate, rather than acknowledging that the very fabric of this nation is built upon a diabolical, calculated and constantly evolving system of racism.”- Dr. Patton

Doesn’t allow much room for hope.

She’s astute enough to understand that ‘unity’ is whitespeak for ‘shut the fuck up and stop talking about it cause you’re hurting our feelings’.-DEB

If assimilation isn’t an option, what exactly is the end game for people of color, since creating a color-blind society can’t be the goal.


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