17 Jul 2016

NYM: One of the Fifty Top Blogs

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Never Yet Melted’s logo comes from a 19th century Life of Frontiersman & Indian Fighter Lewis Wetzel, depicting Wetzel shooting one of three Indians attempting to kill him. Wetzel was able to reload on the run and killed all three of his pursuers. The image was chosen as a rustic American homage to the images of irrationality and barbarism defeated by civilized Western intelligence originally displayed on the Parthenon in Athens and on the Great Altar of Zeus and Athena in Pergamon.

Never Yet Melted has been around a while now, but remains (the complimentary term is) a boutique blog, inevitably limited in readership due to the idiosyncratic opinions, eccentricities, and often esoteric interests of its solitary editor and proprietor.

Surprisingly, today NYM has been named (for the first time ever) to one of those lists of THE FIFTY TOP BLOGS RIGHT NOW by The Daley Gator.

We’re in some good company on his list, though he has obviously overlooked a number of far more prominent and important conservative blogs than this one.

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Steve Gregg


Steven Wilson

As a native and lifelong (so far) resident of Wetzel County in West Virginia, I must say I am surprised and delighted by this post and by the ranking of this blog. I have long thought you deserved a wider audience and more comments.

Regards from Wetzel County. I’ll look up the Ol’ Galluhue speech and post it here soon. It also commemorates and honors Wetzel County.


I discovered NYM a few months ago and try to check it everyday. The eclectic mix suits me right down to the ground and I hope the site continues to prosper. All the best!


I don’t always agree with you, but do read NYM everyday because of that.


NYM is a unique blog, one of a few I must visit every day. I have been a reader for years. Congrats to JDZ, this is a testament to hard work and integrity.

Dan Kurt

Kudos JDZ, well done.

re: Lewis Wetzel

Remember him well from hearing of him during my youth circa 1955 to 56. It was either when I was in ninth grade taking the required course Pennsylvania History or at a Boy Scout Camporee Campfire (Campfires frequently had a Scout Leader read “Indian Stories” as a part of the ceremony. I recall a few such stories after 60 years, they were so colorful. The name given for Wetzel by the Indians was “Death Wind” and the alleged number he dispatched with prejudice was above 2,000. Somewhere on my hard drive I have a file of a facsimile of a book published in the 1820s or so (if memory serves) about his life. I could not locate it but remember it was a not politically correct version of his exploits as it was written in the days when the only good Indian was a dead Indian.

Dan Kurt


This is a great blog, and I read it every day.



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