05 Aug 2016

Some Awful Truths

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Steve Hayward offers the first nine of a proposed Lutheran 95 Theses about the 2016 Election:

1) If Republicans had nominated one of their conventional candidates, that nominee would be running 10 points ahead of Hillary.

2) If Democrats had nominated someone plausible other than Hillary, that nominee would be leading Trump by 15 points or more. (Hillary is up almost 10 in the current polls.)

3) Republicans nominated the only candidate who could possibly lose to Hillary Clinton.

4) Democrats nominated the only person who could possibly lose to Donald Trump.

5) Is there any way Captain Kirk could reprogram our electoral computer to avoid this political Kobayashi-Maru Scenario? (Classical reference. . .)

Whole thing.

Hat tip to Bird Dog.

4 Feedbacks on "Some Awful Truths"

Seattle Sam

Another awful truth is this one:

For a whole variety of reasons, the rudder of the USS United States, absent serious resistance, pulls to the left. Even Captain Reagan was only able to make a temporary course correction. LIke the Enterprise, the United States is truly in a no-win position. Destruction — at least destruction of the vision of 1789 — is almost inevitable.


Begs the question.

The real point is that if the Republicans had given the Republican voters a decent candidate Trump would not have been their choice. Instead that gave us Jeb and Kasich. I do not think that the Republican party and the Republican elite got it. Regardless of who wins this election I fully expect the usual dolts put out there in 2020 and 2024 etc. Our country is in deep shit. The people in flyover country know this. The people in Washington are seemingly clueless. Today we have two classes/groups of voters: One votes for free stuff and the other is in fear for the country and votes to save it. Who will win? Important question but we find ourselves bogged down in: why didn’t the voter choose one of the dumbasses we put out there?

Seattle Sam

The statement “Republicans had given voters a decent candidate” makes no sense. The Party “gave” no candidates. Almost twenty raised their hand and applied for the position. None of them were “decent”?


Seattle; you can argue with how it was said but it doesn’t change the facts on the ground. The Republicans do indeed have a pecking order and a process to give us candidates. Some “outsiders” sneak in from time to time but the party system quite effectively works to weed them out. The party gave us McCain and Romney and everyone in recent times except perhaps Reagan (they gave us Reagan relectantly). The party could find and groom promising intelligent people but instead the process is tainted by a almost criminal system of quid pro quo and payola.

I honestly cannot think of anything good that has come out of congress or the administration since the 80’s. We all would have been better off if congress had been on vacation the entire time. Our current administration seems to be actively trying to destroy the country. And more to the point Obama was handpicked by the Democrats to do just that. So make no mistake the party gives us the candidates we merely go through the process of appearing to select them.


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