07 Aug 2016

Trump Pledges to Replace Constitution With Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

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Donald Trump pledges to replace Constitution with the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

The United States Constitution will be modified to include the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, according to a policy document leaked from the Donald Trump campaign.

The news emerged after it became clear Trump’s campaign website would not allow supporters to cancel reoccurring donations, a move covered under Rule 239 as “Never be afraid to mislabel a product”.

Trump, who believes he is running for the position of ‘Grand Nagus’ of the United States, has a personal motto of “A man is only worth the sum of his possessions”, which is his favourite of the rules. …

Many supporters of Donald Trump already appear to be using at least the first three of the five stages of acquisition – infatuation, obsession, justification, appropriation and resale – to explain backing their candidate.

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I agree with every bad thing that I read about Trump; but one thing that CAN’T be said against him is that he represents a trend that is destroying America.

Hillary does (see the Reagan’s wonderful speech “A time for choosing”, FROM 1964). So I suggest that those of us (me included) who can’t digest him forget about the matter, because, right now, the choice is: 4 years of irresponsible government or (at least) 4 years of a well coordinated project that is destroying not only America, but the Western civilization.

Because, by now, speaking ill of Trump is helping to elect Hillary.


Burke, if I agreed with you I would still vote for Trump. But I disagree on a couple of significant points. I do not think Trump is either stupid or incompetent. He may well be more competent than the last 50 presidents but simply less politically astute (translation willing to lie to get elected). There is no one living or dead who could have done what Trump did and he did it all while being rude and obnoxious and departing from all the advice of the liberals and the media. So when the liberals and media claim to offer advice to Trump you have to wonder about their competence to give advice and their intent behind their advice.

On the positive side, I would imagine that you could fill an entire encyclopedia with all the things that Obama has done that were nefarious, secret, unconstitutional and anti-U.S. that we are simply unaware of. Ditto for Bill Clinton. We may never know all the harm these two have done to our country. BUT with Trump you will know because he will proudly tell you; the good, the bad, the inane, the meaningful, everything without filter. AND the press will to, with glee and eagerness (which they seem to lack for reporting what Obama is doing). This would be the most open presidency in our history.

For me the best part will be if Trump chooses to investigate Obama and his cabinet level departments. I would very much like to know what they have done behind the curtains for the last 7+ years. Hillary will run the shredders 24/7 if she is elected but I hope Trump appoints a half dozen or so special prosecutors to investigate.

Even though I fully expect Hillary and the Democrats to steal the election even getting 120% of the vote in critical states (like Obama did) I still hope Trump wins. I would sure like to know the truth of the last 7 1/2 years.


I have not noticed any reluctance to lie on Donald Trump’s part myself. In fact, I’d say that Trump is setting an extraordinarily spectacular record in the lying department.


I don’t pretend to be an expert on Trump’s lies. My gut tells me that you would include every misstatement and exaggeration as a lie. I would not. To me a lie is an intentional untruth intended to hide the truth or to deceive. I don’t see that in Trump. Not saying he is an angel but rather that for the most part he doesn’t care enough about what people think to waste the time to make up a lie.

Trump was not my first choice and indeed I would have been happy if he had dropped out many months ago. But today he is the only thing between us and a Hillary presidency and that would be 100% bad for the country and Americans. I do not expect Trump to win. I think Hillary will take the five or so swing states and win this handily. That is I expect the Democrats to steal the election as usual. I see two possible ways that Trump would win:
1 That Hillary does indeed have some kind of health problem and it becomes more obvious before the election.
2 That the terrorists pull off a big attack and finally brings home to the 60-70% of Americans who are simply unaware.

If one of these things happen then and only then could Trump win. I will vote for Trump but my state will go to Hillary so my vote for president won’t even matter.


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