23 Aug 2016

That Third-Grader is Still Running For President

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Rod Dreher shakes his head in frustration over “Trump at his Trumpiest.”

Trump supporters must want to put their heads on the table at this kind of thing. Here is a man who stands a chance of becoming President of the United States, but he cannot stay focused enough on the campaign to do what’s necessary. Instead, the media have gotten inside his head.

Somebody inside the Trump campaign apparently twisted his arm to get him to quit reading his Twitter feed long enough to get down to Louisiana with some relief supplies. He handled himself well while he was here, and even won praise from the Democratic governor, and our former US Senator, also a Democrat. He did well! It ought to have been the occasion for a campaign reset, however small. The fact that Hillary Clinton has been attending fundraisers with the superrich instead of visiting the suffering here is a golden campaign issue that reinforces his themes about the elites being out of touch.

But no. Here he is on Monday morning, being Trump at his Trumpiest, bitching and moaning about the hosts of a low-rated morning television show, and doing so in language that does not demean them, but demeans himself. See, this is a good example of why he’s unfit for office. Can you imagine being on President Trump’s staff and having to get him to put down his smartphone and listen to the daily briefing? Sad!

At just about every turn, Trump steps on his own chances, through his egotism, his lack of self-restraint, and his inability to focus on the long game. Yes, the media are biased, but at some point, he’s got to realize that his greatest obstacle in the task of being elected president is himself.

4 Feedbacks on "That Third-Grader is Still Running For President"

Steve Gregg

Emotionally, Trump never outgrew his teenage trash-talking punk phase. He never had to. His money insulated him from real contact with his peers and the reality of the world. He could say or do anything without consequence. That trash-talking punk is father to the man.


We’ve had 8 years of a president whose duplicitousness is legendary, whose word can’t be trusted– but he does act presidential!

He imagines President Trump texting during briefings, when the current boy-president has skipped half of his security briefings.

The gruel is thin here. While Dreher uses this to denigrate Trump, it actually ingratiates him to a large swath of voters who are tired of politician speak.

Trump may turn out to disappoint, but given the where the bar has been set by Washington, Trump could dig a hole and still be the honorable candidate.


Personally, I don’t see a damn thing honorable about Donald J. Trump, and I think people who believe Trump is on their side are incredibly naive.


How can you see what he has done in Scotland, and for one second… think him an honourable man? Seriously, you have got to be deluded.Prove me wrong.Please.


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