23 Aug 2016

Trumpkin Logic

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Funny– but a horrible analogy.

I’ve always assumed the #nevertrumpers are being knowingly obtuse.

“I’m painting the room– it’s either going to be red or purple. What color do you want?”

“I hate both colors, I especially hate purple. Purple will destroy the look of the room.”

“OK, then vote for red. The vote is tied. If you don’t vote for red, the room will be painted purple.”

“I hate red and I’ll never vote for red, but I really hate purple. But don’t blame me if the room gets painted purple.”


Good one, BRIANE.

I agree. It’s not logical. The nevertrump folks are being the least logical, or I should say, most irrational, of all the parties to this contest.


I get it. I believe they are thinking they can and will survive the worst that Hillary will throw at us. Maybe even benefit from here policies. I converted all my 401k and IRA to PM’s. Hillary could just make me a millionaire.


Believe me, if it goes on like this – a good conservative or nothing – NO ONE will get riche anymore. As I don’t get tired of saying, it is the Supreme Court that have being, for a long time now, shaping the morals and economy in America – and Hillary will indicate at least two, perhaps three, Justices. As for Trump, at least in the first term, he WILL think about reelection.


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