09 Sep 2016

You Mean They Weren’t There Already?

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Brown University to place tampons and other feminine hygiene products in men’s bathrooms. The Mary Sue.

Hat tip to James Harberson.

One Feedback on "You Mean They Weren’t There Already?"


1. Since when do low-income students who have to choose between tampons and food go to Brown?

2. It’s okay to make tampons available to men. I hear they are useful to plug bullet holes on the battlefield… or in the ‘hood.

3. If you need a tampon because you menstruate, are you really a guy?

4. Skinny anorexics look in the mirror and see a fat person. This condition is treated with psychiatric counseling even if the anorexic doesn’t want treatment at first. Shouldn’t we do the same for trans-genders? I mean we are told by the left that gender is fluid, so…


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