27 Sep 2016

“American Colonoscopy”

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Erick Erickson, like the rest of us, found the first presidential debate a painful and unseemly experience, endured without anesthetic.

Holt had an entire section of the debate dedicated to cybersecurity and let Donald Trump take the business to Hillary Clinton over her emails. Except Trump did not. Yes, there was a specific question about Clinton’s emails earlier in the debate, but Holt set it up perfectly for Trump to take on hacking and security of her emails and Trump repeatedly failed to litigate the issue.

For her part, Clinton failed miserably to build the case against Trump about stiffing middle class workers. She tried, but she did a very poor job of it. It came across flat and emotionless. But, like John Kasich, we now know her father’s occupation.

Trump came across stronger in the beginning, but as the night went on he yelled more and more. He interrupted more and more. He was more and more off putting and annoying. All Clinton had to do was smile and laugh at him.

The Clinton criticism of Trump turned out to be true. She repeatedly baited him and Trump took the bait every single time. He hurt himself on the issue of his taxes and then set himself on fire with the birther issue. Clinton, however, never knew when to shut up. She was the Neil deGrasse Tyson of politics, taking the joy out of Christmas songs by too much needless and boring exposition.

At the end of the night, Clinton outperformed Trump only because she came across as less angry.

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It was painful. I’m still voting for Trump, not because he’s a great intellect, or has a winsome personality, but because he recognizes we are in the mother of all bubbles.
Whether or not we can do anything about it is another thing, but when you’re in a hole, what are you supposed to stop doing?
The only solution, other than the apparent liberal solution of inflation, is real, dynamic growth.


And Hillary couldn’t have been more wrong about the causes of the economic crisis of 2008. She was so typically leftist wrong about the causes to be utterly unqualified to be president.
Anyone that stupid has no business being anywhere near office that doesn’t have four square, padded walls.


Trump lost. Period.

But, the only way he could have won was to deliver a beat down so bad that Hillary suffered a collapse on stage.

In the future Trump will have to win big, no… yuuuuuge. He will have to verbally slice and dice Hillary until she melts on the stage, throws up her hands and says, “No más;” until the big black dude throws in his epi-pen; until her body double runs screaming from back stage screaming, “I’m not taking THAT fall!”

Ain’t gonna happen. It ain’t gonna happen for one of two reasons. Either Trump can’t deliver, or he won’t deliver. If it is the later, my guess is that it is because Trump has been a plant all along. The dems have Akin’ed the repubs big time.

Hillary will be our next president. The only thing that could possibly prevent that would be that she dies before the election. Though she might win anyway; the dead would love to vote for one of their own. In any case, even if she dies shortly after winning the office, she will be on the fast track for beatification. The pope will make her a saint in a New York minute; faster than you can say “glass ceiling”.

When she wins, the MSM, everyone at the FBI, DoJ, IRS and State will breathe a sigh of relief and then the bureaucrats will get back to looting the “deplorables,” because, after all, they deserve it for voting for that nasty old “Trump.”


“All Clinton had to do was smile and laugh at him.”
Mr. Erickson underestimates the sheer repugnance engendered in a normal human being at the sight of that smug, arrogant, dissembling smile and the sound of that forced, wicked, cackling laugh.


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