10 Oct 2016

Partisan Debate Moderators

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The liberal MSM is gloating this morning:

Politico: Raddatz, Cooper crack the whip

Forbes: Donald Trump Schooled By Moderators Martha Raddatz And Anderson Cooper At Second Debate

The NYT was particulary smug: Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper Steered Debate With Sharp Questions:

They dug for revelations, extracting news nuggets — a rarity on a debate night — like Donald J. Trump’s admission that he had used a nearly billion-dollar loss to avoid paying federal income taxes for years.

They pressed for specifics, interrupting the candidates to demand concrete strategies for handling conflict in Syria and reforming the nation’s health care system.

And they posed blunt, provocative questions at a forum that typically feels more like public broadcasting than cable news: Had Mr. Trump ever sexually assaulted a woman? Did Hillary Clinton really believe that her use of a private email server was not “extremely careless”?

The duo overseeing Sunday’s presidential debate, Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC News, seemed to cast off the hand-wringing pressures on this year’s crop of moderators — Is fact-checking mandatory? Are interruptions O.K.? — and put themselves directly in the mix of a high-stakes encounter.

The immediate response was praise from many journalists and some grumbling from partisans.


Hey, Trumpkins! If Donald Trump is sooo smart and competent, not like all those low-energy democrat punching-bags in the normal GOP, and Trump is going to able to change all the rules, stop the US from being cheated, and negotiate much, much better, beautiful, yuge! smarter deals… So, how come, why is it that last night we found Donald Trump in a debate moderated by (hostile liberal butterfly) Anderson Cooper and (democrat establishment attack dog) Martha Raddatz, who both shamelessly interrupted him, kept him from successfully driving home any of his major points, curtailed his time, and who together behaved with lightly concealed democrat partisanship?

Shouldn’t a so much smarter guy be able to avoid being pushed around and manipulated this way? Wouldn’t a smarter great negotiator be able to secure for himself a balanced and fair set of debate moderators?

2 Feedbacks on "Partisan Debate Moderators"

Seattle Sam

Instead he whined constantly about how unfair they treated him. It lost all its impact after the fifth time.

A smart person would also have been much more succinct in making his points. Instead he wandered all over the place repeating himself and making it difficult for you to extract the point. You kept waiting for him to do what he did that one time when he said “Because you’d be in jail”.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have heard something like this.

Look, Mrs. Clinton, when you have something like Obamacare that is so obviously a failure, you don’t FIX it, you get rid of it. Period.

Mrs. Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrian immigrants coming into this county. I don’t. Given all of what we’ve seen happening in Europe, WHY would you want to take that risk, Mrs. Clinton?

In Mrs. Clinton’s remarks to bankers she said her vision is open borders. Free trade and very easy immigration. If that’s what you want, go with her, but my vision is one where trade and immigration polcies are designed to benefit the people who already live in this country.

Mrs. Clinton has said you have to form an opinion about people based on the totalty of what they say and do over time. Fair enough. But if you follow that approach, how can you come to any other conclusion but that Mrs. Clinton and her husband have lied, cheated and manipulated their way to power and will do anything necessary to keep it. Even putting the life of an Ambassador at risk. Even covering up rape. Even risking national security I order to ekep people from seeing her emails. You all can decide whether you think those characteristics are more reprehensible than crude talk about women.

Mrs. Clinton says she made a mistake having a private email server. It was no mistake. She did it because she wanted to hide from the public what she was doing while Secretary of State. In her mind the only mistake was that she got caught.


You spewed, “Wouldn’t a smarter great negotiator be able to secure for himself a balanced and fair set of debate moderators?”

Not his purview pal-talk to Rinse My Penis about the idiocy of constantly agreeing to these REgressive mods.

I say after Trump is elected, he shitcans Penis and puts Eric in as head of the Party. It would signal to the REgressives that the days of being doormats are over.

Oh wait, you wanted Rubio, right? HAHAHAHA-fucking cuck


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