17 Oct 2016

As Trump is Blowing It…

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I am currently in residence at my farm in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountain in Central Pennsylvania. My neighbor, Bud, just stopped by to visit and chat. Like just about everybody else in these parts, Bud has been an enthusiastic Trump supporter.

Today, though, Bud seemed a bit discouraged by the ineffectiveness of The Donald’s campaign effort. When I inquired how he was enjoying following the campaign contest, Bud replied bitterly: “Who wants to watch a drowning rat?”

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Everyone Knew that the Democrats would do this. The phrase “October surprise” isn’t about a freak snowstorm. If you abandon ship simply because of opposition propaganda you are either naive or were never really a supporter. Either way if Hillary wins I bet Bud and others like him will be crying as their rights are taken and their taxes increased.


Folks like Bud, you see, thought “Ol’ Trump” was a fighter and would effectively counter-attack when the democrats went after him. Instead, Trump has devoted himself to attacking Paul Ryan, writing 3:00 AM tweets, and complaining about media bias.

Fred Z

“Trump has devoted himself to attacking Paul Ryan, writing 3:00 AM tweets, and complaining about media bias”

And what have you done, beyond snark?

How much money have you contributed, and to whom? For whom have you done door to door knocking, envelope stuffing, all the lousy shit work of actual politics? Who is your local candidate and what have you done for him – other than slagging Trump?

“Republicans, they thirst for death.”

Another Keyboard Kommando.


It seems to have escaped your attention, Fred, old boy, that I am not supporting Trump.


And “Republicans, they thirst for death,” my ass.


Here in CT the election lawn sign parade has started. Dems in my suburb tend to put out the most lawn signs but active GOP types try to keep up. The Dems have everyones signs including Clinton (few to no individual Clinton Signs). On the GOP side all the local candidate signs are out but no Trump signs. My Johnson/Weld sign is matched by more than a few.

Remember Trumpkins, he was going to flip Connecticut to vote for him. He campaigned here way more than our pitiful few electoral votes were worth. What was he thinking?


I actually like Trump. Before the campaign all I really knew about Trump was his TV persona and what was said about him and most of this was not particularly flattering. My opinion today is he is a lot smarter person than people give him credit for. I believe if he had studied to be a lawyer that unlike Hillary he would have passed the bar exam. I believe he is a smarter person than Bush 1 & II (both of whom I like) and smarter than both Clinton’s. In fact the only candidate of recent history I would say was more intelligent than Trump would be Ted Cruz.

I also have learned, contrary to the propaganda about him, that he is a self made billionaire who succeeded based on his intelligence, perseverance, and street smarts. His list of accomplishments is very long and includes many very difficult challenges.

He better identifies with the constitution and the rights under the constitution than any other politician. Most politicians wish to ignore or work around the constitutional individual rights and Trump is a believer and supporter of them.

Trump is honest and when compared with Obama, Hillary, Comey and Lynch he stands out as a paragon of honesty.

He understands negotiations which is something our government seems not to understand or perhaps they understand it but are easily bought off by other nations.

There are numerous examples of Trump talking dirty and yet not nearly as many as there are of all the other candidates and politicians talking dirty including Hillary.

Trump seems refreshingly unaffected by racism/discrimination unlike most candidates who bend over backwards to accommodate it and use it for political gain. His history, his very long and extensive history, is one free of racism, discrimination and favoritism, again unlike Hillary and all the Democrats.

Trump has undergone incredible personal scrutiny and has been exposed to lies and unproven accusations by the entire national media. I am confident that there is no one in the world who could endure this and come out looking any better; so I am unfazed by the dirty tricks and lies.

Is he my first choice? No. I like Cruz but he under performed. Is he the best choice today? Absolutely. Hillary would be an unprecedented disaster (and that’s saying a lot considering Obama’s presidency.

And last, just as voting against Bush the first gave us Bill Clinton voting against Trump (in favor of some third party candidate) will give us Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine anyone who would sell our uranium mines to Russia for a bribe being president of our country???

Seattle Sam

Yes, Donald, it’s rigged. The media is using every bit of fire power they have to destroy you. But did you really have to hand them the ammunition?


But Sam, the exact same thing happened to Romney and McCain and every Republican candidate. Whether Trump wins or loses it is a very serious problem for our country that our press constantly lies to us and hides important stories.


GWTW:Yes,that is the sweet,shining truth of this whole campaign season. The press constantly lies and hides important stories.They have rendered themselves obsolete,and are largely unaware.

Old Salt

Is Bud basing his disappointment on media news reports? Their masks are off and they have revealed themselves to be members of the Clinton Crime Family.


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