17 Oct 2016

“Imagine Winning Like That, Knowing You Are Not Wanted”

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Ann Althouse notes that the Trump scandals and Trump’s ineffective campaigning aren’t moving Hillary ahead as much as one might have expected.

    (Politico:) Nearly 70 percent say they believe that Trump has “made unwanted sexual advances toward women,” a stunning number that comes after the publication of lewd comments the now-Republican nominee made on a hot mic in 2005, and amid allegations by several women who say he touched them inappropriately. (Trump has said his comments were just “locker room talk” and denies the groping accusations.)

    And a majority of registered voters — 55 percent — say that Trump’s treatment of women is a legitimate issue, version 42 percent who say it wasn’t. Similarly, most voters aren’t buying Trump’s apology for the 2005 video — 57 percent of registered voters say it was insincere, and only 40 percent agree it sounded like “typical locker room talk by men.”

    Just 30 percent of registered voters say Trump has a “strong moral character,” versus 45 percent for Clinton. Only 34 percent view Trump as honest and trustworthy, down from 42 percent in last month’s survey. And just 34 percent say Trump has the right temperament to be president, while 59 percent say Clinton does.

And yet, she’s only got 4 points on him. She must be truly loathed. I know she wants to win, but imagine winning like that, knowing you are not wanted.


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Seattle Sam

Someone like Hillary (with help from a fawning media) will have no trouble convincing herself that she won this election because (in the words of Stuart Smalley) Doggone It, People Like Me. Richard Nixon felt the same way after trouncing George McGovern.

El Polacko

I’m not sure what this continuing sour grapes over Trump’s nomination is supposed to accomplish, aside from the kind of pretentious virtue signaling many find so repulsive in the progressive left.

Trump is the Republican nominee that we are stuck with, and despite his flaws, real and imagined, he is infinitely preferable to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s own sordid history aside, the progressive left is simply bad for business, and what is bad for business is bad for everybody.

Electing Trump will provide at least a speed bump on the road to limitless and unaccountable government bureaucracy, commerce killing over regulation, and constantly increasing taxation.

Or so he says….

We know exactly what we will be getting with a Clinton presidency.

Trump is still a wild card, torquing off all of the right people, and that is good enough for me.


Nixon won 60.7% of the popular vote, so he could reasonably claim a mandate. Hillary may not even win a majority but will believe herself anointed.


The most dishonest presidential candidate ever in the most dishonest political party ever backed by the most dishonest media, State Department, Justice Department and FBI EVER. What could possibly go wrong?


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