09 Nov 2016

Jeff Goldstein Speaks for All Real Conservatives

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The near-future Trump House

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For the record, I am absolutely ecstatic HRC is alive enough to watch her lifelong dream die at the feet of an inarticulate orange septuagenarian. She’s a revolting opportunist who has gotten rich off of government and, as we see from leaked emails, she literally despises her own natural constituencies and doesn’t much care about her country. He tears taste like warm drizzled butter over the world’s greatest crab cake. I want to eat it, then rub the plate over my nipples.

That being said, the GOP now has a pussy-grabbing Walter Mondale as its leader; if you’ve bothered to look past the Eagles and red hats and paid attention to Trump’s policy positions, you are now on to hoping he is reined in by actual Republicans / conservatives / libertarians. Because, eg., repealing Obamacare only to replace it — as he’s promised — with a system that removes the individual mandate for consumers but keeps the pre-existing conditions mandate on insurers, means there is no longer any incentive to purchase or maintain policies, and we will be a de facto single payer country. That has long been Hillary’s goal.

Similarly, increasing tariffs capriciously will only empower govt and heighten the conditions for quid pro quo cronyism and government intervention into competition. It EXPANDS the role of the state, as do most of Trump’s populist positions. That has long been Bernie Sanders’ goal.

So yes: while today I will bathe naked and erect in Cher’s bitter tears, tomorrow I will *still* steadfastly refuse to support progressivism — no matter what letter it wears behind its name.

And that is especially true when it presumes to speak in mine.

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It’s time (it’s long past that, actually) that “real” conservatives understand that Trump DOESN’T speak in their name. But then, neither did Bush or any other candidate since Reagan. And there’s no way Trump will be worse than Hillary.
And one thing is sure: if the Republican Party doesn’t learn the lesson this time, and present real conservatives as runners, or we will be forever in the hand of the populists like Trump.

Old Salt

“real conservatives” despise what our federal government has become. They are also somewhat hopeful that the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress put actual, you know, CONSERVATIVE bills on his desk to sign.

If they don’t pass tax reform, health care reform, deregulation, and spending cuts – it won’t be Trump’s fault (I assume he would sign them). It will be the “real conservatives” establishment types I blame.


Old Salt is dead on. Congress passes legislation. The President sees that it’s properly administered once he signs it into law. The Republican majority in Congress has the responsibility for straightening out Obama’s mess now that they also have a Republican in the White House. Let’s hope they take this opportunity to shoulder their Constitutional duty and act like a co-equal branch again.

bob sykes

Trump was elected (Thank God!) because phony conservatives connived with progressives to support all the policies that have destroyed the working class and damaged the middle class, while they, themselves, prospered. Goldstein is a cuckservative indeed.


He outfoxed every genius on both sides, destroyed the Democrats, destroyed the media, pundits, polls, Helped rather than hurt down ballot races, barely raised money, barely spent money, and you are still telling us how fucking stupid he is and how fucking smart you are. Funny that. At some point a reasoning individual might at least consider an alternative possibility to: Me smart, Trump dumb. Here’s an idea. Repost all the times you wrote that Trump would win big, including the popular vote. I look forward to reading your prescience.


Well, I’ll grant you that my record as a prophet this year sucks mightily. Donald Trump has been fabulously successful, but more as the result of bad behavior than of merit & genius. I do claim to have the advantage of Trump in knowing what the US nuclear triad is, reading books, and being much less thin-skinned. Happily, at the moment, Trump seems bent upon behaving himself, working with respectable Republican leaders, and doing a number of good things. If he keeps it up, my opinion of him may improve.


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