21 Nov 2016

Secret Service Panicked by Mattis Visit




Secret Service wary of Mattis having plan to kill everyone he meets at Trump Tower

NEW YORK — Agents with the Secret Service are reportedly stressed and uneasy about a meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, since the legendary four-star commander has a plan to kill everyone he meets at Trump Tower.

Mattis, 66, was summoned to Trump’s New York City penthouse on Saturday to discuss the possibility of his being named as Defense Secretary.

As part of his pre-trip planning, sources say that Mattis wrote a five-paragraph order with detailed plans to kill everyone on his way to the building, to include TSA workers in the security screening area at his home airport, the pilots flying him to New York, all the passengers on the aircraft, the taxi driver who picked him up, multiple people who were rude to him on the subway, and staff in the lobby of Trump Tower.

When reached by reporters, Mattis declined to comment on whether he had a plan to kill anyone else.

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5 Feedbacks on "Secret Service Panicked by Mattis Visit"


You couldn’t carry his old jockstrap.

T. Shaw

In other news,

Reality Bites.

DoD is issuing directives to permit service members to carry personal firearms on station.

To date, troops could not have their weapons in trucks’ glove box when on post.

Take that, Maj. Hasan.


It’s humor. Chill.


if Trump makes Mattis SecDef, all is forgiven, and I’ll become a supporter.

T. Shaw

Formerly, upon being discharged or retired the Corps would reissue their brains to jarheads. Apparently, Gen’l. Mattis didn’t get his.

Just saying. Imagine who Crooked Hillary would nominate . . . Ellen Degeneris?


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