24 Nov 2016

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving Via Buffy

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Humorous. It is likely that Indians killed and maimed as many of the immigrants as were killed and maimed by those immigrants. It wasn’t a case of one side being “right” and the other side being “wrong” the rightness and wrongness varied a great deal throughout the millions of interactions between individuals and groups over the 500 years. The Indians who were here in the Americas when Columbus landed were the survivors of multiple immigrations of peoples who became Indians and displaced (as in killed and tortured) those Indian/immigrants who preceded them. It is an interesting irony that in Canada the native population is referred to as ‘first nation’ when in fact they are far more likely to have been third or forth nation people who wiped out and enslaved the Indians who were here when these new “Indians” arrived. It is all a classic refutation of the phrase that ‘diversity is our strength”.


In Mexico, there is a recurring theme come Oct 12. To us it is Columbus Day, to them it is El Día de la Raza (the Day of the Race). Columbus is excoriated as are all Europeans and the gringos. Why? Because the Spanish conquered the Aztecs. Who, as I like to point out to my Mexican in-laws, conquered the other tribes and the list goes on. It’s just that the Spanish were soooo much better at conquest than the indigenous peoples.


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