02 Jan 2017

Pipeline Protested

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That was after burning old tires and polluting the sacred air above the site.


This is not as messy as the grounds of the U.S. Capitol after Obama’s first inauguration. I’d call this a model of lefty restraint.

Seattle Sam

I attended a few Tea Party events a few years ago. For some reason none of them looked like this afterward.


Most Indians do not give a crap about sacred ground it is all a scam used to get more free stuff and legislative accommodations. What this is all about is the nefarious conspiracy of communist organizations in the U.S. working with Indian activists to harm the country. While their individual goals are not identical their approached to get what they want are the same. Lie, obstruct, destroy, fight and whine about their mistreatment. Law enforcement and the courts should treat them as the criminals they are and not as though they are 1st amendment angels.

Seattle Sam

The Dakota pipeline protesters are concerned with “sacred grounds” about as much as teachers unions are concerned about “the children”.


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