04 Jan 2017

Congress! Listen Up, Hollywood is Talking Here

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Sally Fields and a bunch of Hollywood types you never heard of are warning Congress that they will not tolerate Donald Trump’s “Racism, Sexism, or Xenophobia” and that they expect Congress to block any legislation opposed to the interests of any and all of the fashionable Left’s pet victim groups of privilege.

If Congress fails to oblige, I guess they’ll all sit down and have a great big cry or make another ineffably self-important video.

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Seattle Sam

Don’t you just love the use of the word “demand”? Reminds me of when my daughter was eight.


These are not stupid people and whoever choreographed this propaganda was not stupid. They know that Trump is not racist, sexist or xenophobic. What he is, is unwilling to continue giving special privileges and accommodating legislation to special interest groups. This cannot be tolerated and they will say any outrageous thing, spout any lie or libel and slander to force the politicians to bow to their wishes. They want the gravy train to keep running, screw the citizens in flyover country.


Dadgum it, I thought all these people were going to Canada. Are they Lost???

Maggie's Farm

Thursday morning links

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Seattle Sam

I wonder what it feels like to feel so important that you think the world waits anxiously for your opinion about subjects outside your area of expertise. I, for instance, am sure the world cannot wait to hear what I think about how movies and music should be done differently and which performers should be hired.


How could anyone be influenced by this sort of thing? It’s just self-aggrandizing BS.

Dan Kurt

re: “These are not stupid people” GONEWITHTHEWIND

Heard from a friend, a dentist, years ago. He when just out of dental school worked in a clinic that catered to the Studios by doing cosmetic dentistry on the “up & coming” actors and actresses. He worked on dozens and dozens of them. He said that they were photogenic and talented but DUMB AS POSTS.

Dan Kurt

Sam L.

I am just so BUMMMMMMMMED for those poor fools.

Spurt Reynolds

Losers… I mean sore LOSERS!


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