22 Jan 2017

Whose Was Biggest?


Was Obama’s bigger? I guess that would prove that the community of fashion is the real national majority, and Russian hacking must be responsible for Republicans winning the presidency, both houses of Congress, 33 governorships, and control of 32 state legislatures. Really, the Left won!

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I expect to see a lot more of these petty arguments. The press prods Trump exactly for this kind of twitter storm response. Sure I fault Trump for falling for it but by the same token it is also the press falling for it. As long as Trump continues to do the job we elected him for he can continue his hobby if poking hornets nests if it makes him feel good and keeps the hornets busy and away from me. Obama played golf and Trump plays the press. Everyone needs a hobby.


Of course the media spent the weeks leading up to Trump’s inauguration speculating about all the mayhem that was expected to occur in DC on January 20. Eight years ago they were speculating on whether Obama would walk across the Potomac or descend from the heavens. They played a role in keeping the crowds down this time, to be sure.

Seattle Sam

Obama did get about 7MM more votes than did Trump. So what? Al Gore got more votes than W in 2000, too. Let them dwell on their meaningless statistics.


Indeed there were less people at Trumps inauguration. We Republicans were at work! Not frittering away the entire day. Same goes for the Women’s March the next day. Those broads ought to be home doing some housework. Does anyone know what rights they DONT have? Shut up and start scrubbing a toilet.


Maybe Trumps crowd is smaller because his supporters have jobs and can’t miss work to go to Washington !


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