22 Jan 2017

Inaugural Protests

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Oh the irony. But it seems lost on them. Part of the problem is our press fails us terribly. We in the blogosphere all know these “spontaneous” demonstrations are organized by Marxist/communist groups but if you read the press you would never know that. Where is the investigative reporting? Where is the honest reporting?

Seattle Sam

“I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” said the woman who was outraged over Trump’s pussy remark.

Seattle Sam

Gee, until this weekend I had no idea that there were a lot of lefty women unhappy about the election results. Thanks ladies. And thank you NBC for making that discovery. I’m now waiting breathlessly for the stories about “millions of women” now having to buy their own contraceptives.

But the stories I’m really waiting for are the ones where Democrats suddenly discover the merits of government not interfering with free trade.


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