23 Jan 2017

The Women’s March


Bulldog, from Maggie’s Farm, responds to the great national Women’s March.

I had another person say to me, “Your privilege is showing.” Privilege is a word which drives me insane. We all have crosses to bear, burdens in life which must be dealt with, and biases to fight. I’ve seen, and supported the cases of plaintiffs suing for, sexual discrimination. I’ve also experienced age discrimination. I’m aware of the discrimination which used to take place against my Irish ancestors. Suggesting I have privilege implies I am enjoying the benefits of something I didn’t earn. I earn it every day I go to work and deal with the nonsensical idiocy of liberal Progressives who have lost their bearings over this election. Remaining quiet during their diatribes is difficult, but could cost me my job. There’s no privilege in political discrimination, and that takes place every day. Still, I’m not marching for laws, or attention, or anything else to protect myself or my rights to believe what I want. My ‘privilege’ regarding gender ends the minute women start having their conversations which exclude men (see the paragraph above).

All I plan on doing is being the best person I can be. I did that for the last 8 years and it worked out pretty well. The resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. doesn’t impact my life as much as I tend to believe. The president is mainly an annoyance. Obama has had the biggest impact of any previous president, thanks to the aggregation of power which has taken place over the years. His mere existence has forced many to find new ways to share thoughts with people. After all, I can’t oppose him without being labeled a racist. But more importantly, his impact has shrunk my take home pay as various taxes (not necessarily Federal) have government taking a bigger and bigger chunk of my money for things I don’t support. I was told, 8 years ago, “Don’t worry, Obama won’t be as bad as you think, you’ll see how good he is” by every Obama sycophant out there. Yesterday, those sycophants marched because so many of them suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. I never suffered from Obama Derangement Syndrome, and not because I didn’t dislike the guy. As I said, I’m not a marcher or a joiner. I let things play out, and the man pretty much lived down to my expectations.

I don’t believe Trump is an improvement, but much like Obama, I’ll let things play out. So when the TDS people ask me (as one did) “Give me one good reason to not fear everything this idiot is going to do” I replied “How about taking your advice to me 8 years ago and let’s just see what happens?” That should suffice.

Political identity is the least interesting part of anyone’s personality. But lately it’s become the most important part for many people. I have many liberal Progressive friends, and I feel bad they allow themselves to suffer. But they didn’t care when others suffered 8 years ago, so I have a very hard time explaining to them they created the bed upon which they lay. I haven’t ended a single friendship over this election, mainly because I don’t care if my friends disagree with me. A few have stopped speaking to me, because i “don’t care enough.” Really? I volunteer my time, I give to charity, I do what I can where I can and when I can. I do these things because I care. I don’t want my government to force me to do those things because MY FRIENDS CARE, I want to because I CARE. That is where the major difference between our views. They want to force me to agree with them. I prefer to agree with what I want to agree with, not what they want me to. The Progressive agenda is, if nothing else, a thought and mind control agenda.

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T. Shaw

Old saying went something like “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Now, it’s “wearing your vagina on your head.”

My wife often says men “think with their penises.” I never contemplated the possibility that women think with their vaginas.

Finally, here is an misogynistic comment I heard, in person, “If they didn’t have a vagina there’d be a bounty on them.”


There is a kinda “ying and yang” to life. A woman and a man make a team that creates a family and if all goes well they create a lifetime of family for themselves and their kids. I’m a 73 year old man and to this day I am impressed with what women can do. My mother cared for family members when they got ill and some died at home (years ago that’s what people had to do. She made meals for the family when there was literally nothing in the cupboards. She had four children who lived and four who died in childbirth all at home. She worked as a waitress nights in cheap bars, she worked seasonally in the carnival as did my dad. My mother and father never had a vacation although there were times my father didn’t have a job. My parents got married in 1933 in the depths of the depression. Times were tough for everyone.
These kinds of stories are not as common as they used to be but historically women were as “strong” as men (not muscle strong but mental and physically strong) and in many cases stronger. I know women have not always been happy with their role in life but I know men have felt the same way. My father often left for work at 6 am and often didn’t get home until after 6 pm. He would be so tired from his construction job that he would fall asleep in his chair after dinner.
I respect what men and women do especially when things get tough but I am put off by the whining I am hearing from the speakers in the women’s march when compared with the strength of women and men in the past.


The hard men and women who forged us are are not who we are today.

Seattle Sam

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself and why you think you would be a good choice for this position?

1980: Well, I have an MBA in finance. I served four years as Captain in the Army, and in my last position I saved my company ten million dollars by automating our accounting systems.

2017: I’m a lesbian with a degree in Gender Studies from Occidental, and my research has revealed you don’t have enough women on your payroll.


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