24 Jan 2017

If You Were Trump, Would You Be Offended By This Sign?

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Here in Portland Oregon the women’s march was peaceful and polite. Good for them, quite a change from the previous day when the anarchists and communists destroyed property and attacked the police. But I felt that the rest of the women’s marches were more consistent with the anarchist/communist model with violence and venom. Middle America sees this. It is difficult for a typical middle class American woman watching middle to upper class American women all dressed nicely but with pussy hats on their heads and obscene signs demonstrating about how bad things are for them here in the good old US of A. It simply doesn’t fly. We all know this is about being anti-Trump and pro-abortion and very little more than that. For all the ranting about Nazi’s or accusations about sexual attacks no one except the far left are buying any of it. If anything it scares middle America to see the left unmasked. I might add that for the first time in my memeory a news outlet on national TV actually connected the dots between the far left and Marxist/communist groups in the U.S. As a middle class person I find it difficult to identify with a masked thug burning cars and attacking people on the street. The bottom line is I think the left hurt themselves with this ‘silly’ march based on ‘silly’ things.

Old Salt

So the sign isn’t about him?

That stupid Carly Simon song was actually about the vain guy.


Stupid song is now stuck in my head.


Mish Mash Menopause March.

bob sykes

Well, of course the sign is about him. He owns them. He’s in their consciousness 24/7. They dream about him. Talk only about him. What a victory for the patriarchy!

T. Shaw

She should have a tattoo on her forehead: “I’m an Idiot!” And, pull down over her face her vagina hat.


Notice the sign holder’s demeanor. The smugness, the “I’m right and you know it” attitude. In this way she is no different from the woman we saw kicked off the plane. To this day she is sure that she was right and had the right to insist that Trump supporters go to the back of the bus. That male passenger was the Rosa Parks of this issue. This is about equality and these people don’t like you and don’t think you are their equal.


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