25 Jan 2017

One Fine Day

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Democrat party socialist & dwarf Robert Reich put up a post on Facebook the other day which seemed to me to have a ring of truth.

I had breakfast recently with a friend who’s a former Republican member of Congress. Here’s what he said:

Him: Trump is no Republican. He’s just a big fat ego.

Me: Then why didn’t you speak out against him during the campaign?

Him: You kidding? I was surrounded by Trump voters. I’d have been shot.

Me: So what now? What are your former Republican colleagues going to do?

Him (smirking): They’ll play along for a while.

Me: A while?

Him: They’ll get as much as they want – tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs, and then get to work on Social Security and Medicare – and blame him. And he’s such a fool he’ll want to take credit for everything.

Me: And then what?

Him (laughing): They like Pence.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Pence is their guy. They all think Trump is out of his mind.

Me: So what?

Him: So the moment Trump does something really dumb – steps over the line – violates the law in a big stupid clumsy way … and you know he will …

Me: They impeach him?

Him: You bet. They pull the trigger.

I think he’s right, that if (or, perhaps I should say: when) the Mainstream Media finally comes up with a scandal that sticks and Trump’s teflon covering breaks, the democrat wolfpack will close in, and they will be joined in bringing him down by plenty of Republicans.

But Reich seems to miss the point. Mike Pence operates as Presidential Insurance for Trump. Pence is a dyed-in-the-wool hardcore conservative. If they knock off Trump, from the left’s point of view, Pence might actually be worse.

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I dunno… I’m a little suspicious when a known operative from the dark side write a two way narrative with some anonymous “republican”. Sure it’s written to seduce, especially if you already thing Trump is dumb. Notice the left’s wet dream was snuck into it, i.e. that the Republicans want to end SS and Medicare. I’m thinking this is all about a thrill going down the midget’s leg.

Having said that I acknowledge that the course ahead is a minefield most of them placed there by Obama. There is no easy solution to many problems that we face so there is no doubt that Trump will stumble as would have Hillary or Sanders or Jesus himself given the terrible condition our leaders have left our country in. I would not be the least bit surprised to see a 2008 crash all over again.


One of the first signs of mental illness is reading something Robert Reich has written, and perceiving the ring of truth.

I agree with GWTW, there are many tells in this narrative that it is the brainchild, the fantasy of Reich and his acolytes.

As is so with much of this kind of commentary, there is a central fallacy, and that is that Trump is one dimensional, and won’t do anything to alter or mold or bring the party to his way of thinking, and to support him. I think that by the time something like Reich imagines could occur, the party will BE Trump.


A petulant midget, liberal asshole with an ego the size of Rhode Island.

Who gives a shit what he thinks?

Capt. Craig

I agree with the above commenters. How could you think otherwise?

Sierra7 Actual

I always thought that Pence was a brilliant move by Trump.

It pretty much guarantees no left wing whacko will try to shorten his term as potus.


Everything that dwarfish dilettante said is bullshit.

However, ask of him or, of that clownish Princeton econ prof/NYT propagandist (I won’t mention his name), a market forecast, then do the opposite.


I always thought that Pence was a brilliant move by Trump. It pretty much guarantees no left wing whacko will try to shorten his term as potus.

And that’s the point. He’s making one brilliant move after another. So it becomes harder and harder to depict him as an incompetent who will eventually self-destruct.


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