27 Jan 2017

The Courage of the Elite

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A friend from Yale, Frank Dobbs, went to the new show at the International Center of Photography, where he discovered on display a whole new definition of courage.

I went to the Director’s Preview of the new show at ICP, Perpetual Revolution, The Image and Social Change. There I learned something that changed my perception of the current time. I learned that holding such an exhibition now is both timely and “dangerous.” The fact that such an exhibition is dangerous was constantly repeated. (They might have mentioned that the brave rebels were displaying photographs only a few miles form the Gilded Tower of the Autocrat.)

So, I want to say to all my left leaning friends. If the Trumpian jackboots ever threaten you or your families, I will personally shelter you in my attic, no matter what the risk to my own personal safety.

No one would contemplate considering such a poor Christian as I for sainthood. But I do see an opportunity to be considered a Righteous Rightist. Perhaps even have a forest named for me in Venezuela or North Korea?

One Feedback on "The Courage of the Elite"


After 8 years of Obama I am afraid and anyone who isn’t afraid is not paying attention. I don’t think Trump will be able to fix all the landmines the Obama administration put in place. Not the least of which is the national debt. With a concerted effort we could bring the military back to pre-2008 level of strength and capability but I expect that will take at least four years and I’m not sure our enemies will wait for us to do it. Our Kenyan Keynesian muslim affirmative action president has probably doomed us.
But, hey! I could be wrong…


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