19 Feb 2017

Tillerson Purging Shadow Government at State Department

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Conservative Treehouse has great news.

The career political operatives who reign within the State Department openly view themselves as a distinctly separate state governing authority, with no attachment to the policies or objectives of the United States presidency or any mere elected official therein.

For years this group has considered themselves “the untouchables”.

They live a life of high financed indulgence including: massive expense accounts, chartered airline travel, swanky cocktail parties, expense chauffeurs to take their kids to private school, seasonally designed home decor – appointed by only the very best interior designers, personal security to keep the commoners away, tickets to the best venues and reserved seating at elite DC restaurants.

With first rights to the budget expenditures, the 7th floor group finds no indulgence too extravagant for their intellectual elitism. They demand nothing but the finest because they are the most worthy of the DC professionally privileged – who are more equal than others; and after all, their jobs require them to host and visit like-minded diplomats, and celebrities with exclusive tastes from around the world.

Today, this elite crew collectively choked on their crust-less triangle sandwiches:

    WASHINGTON DC – […] Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.

    […] Two sources also told CBS News that Ambassador Kristie Kenney, the Counselor of the State Department and one of the last remaining senior officials, was informed that she will be let go. She is a career foreign service officer who had served as an ambassador under Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. Her staff was told that Secretary Tillerson does not intend to fill the counselor’s position anytime soon.

    […] “It is irresponsible to let qualified, nonpartisan, experienced people go before you have any idea of their replacement. You can’t do foreign policy by sitting in the White House, just out of your back pocket,” explains Tom Countryman, Former Assistant Secretary for Non-Proliferation who was let go earlier this month.

    Countryman worries that the White House is displaying an intent not rely on the State Department for foreign policy in that no one will be in place to challenge the edicts drawn up in the Oval Office.

Read the whole thing.

2 Feedbacks on "Tillerson Purging Shadow Government at State Department"


I like to see this and cheer him on for his efforts. However I honestly do not think the Republicans have any clue how large the forces are that are arrayed against him and America. They intend to have power and they intend to destroy Trump and his administration. Obama is a major player in the shadow government but far from the only major player.

Obama’s shadow group, OFA, are trained and ready to show up at any airport, any town hall, any venue to disrupt and present the left leaning MSM (another major partner in the shadow government) an opportunity to spread the propaganda that Trump’s administration is in chaos and out of control. This is a silent or bloodless coup. There is only one thing that will save the administration and that is prompt and meaningful defense; i.e. appointing a special prosecutor to track the leakers and turn over the rocks and follow the leads that are exposed. Make no mistake there are numerous groups in addition to the OFA involved in this and once you begin prosecutions the indicted will begin squealing like pigs to slaughter. If Trump makes the mistake of ignoring this effort to take him down he will lose big and so will America.


Agree with you GWTW. If this is the road he’s chosen to take he needs to follow it right to the end.


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