06 Mar 2017

Via Viral Email

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Described as a “Letter to a Solder Written by an 8-Year-Old.” I don’t know that I believe that it’s authentic, but I figured I had to put it up because Gerard van der Leun would like it.

From Henry Bernatonis.

2 Feedbacks on "Via Viral Email"


I do like it. But I also call bullshit on it. A bit too lettered in terms of vocabulary and syntax and a bit too faux in the look and feel of the whole message.

Dick the Butcher

I like it!

I also like the likely fictional Gen. McCrystal meeting with soon-to-be-convict Obama wherein Obastard supposedly said, “I bet you want to piss on my grave.” In the joke/tale, the general answered, “Sir, I promised myself, after I leave the Army, I will never again stand in line.”


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