13 Mar 2017

The Ring is Tempting and Corrupting

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The Republicans will no doubt do something with Obamacare and it WILL be Obamacare lite or as some have called it Ryancare. They will all gather around and embrace this tarbaby. But they will also put stupid stuff in the bill so that if it passes everyone in flyover country who was screwed by the Democrats will be screwed by the Republicans too (again and again…). I do not understand the Republicans. I understand the Rinos and I understand the Democrats and the Bernie Sanders “more free stuff” wing. But I do not understand the Republicans. Even when they have absolute power they are powerless and what little they do seems intended to make sure that they won’t have absolute power ever again. I feel sorry for the 300 million citizens who are not crazy because the other 22 million (who are crazy) and all of the Democrats and half of the Republicans are going to destroy the country. We have a two party system: the far left Marxist/socialist Democrats and the wimpy kinda left leaning but not really sure Republicans. I would expect this do nothing (right) congress to harsh the mellow on Wall street and amongst the business interests and produce a burst economic bubble by Summer. We are soooooo screwed!


The Ring is DC, Obamacare is its most contemporary nefarious manifestation.

Michael Lawler

There should be no bill at all, most certainly not RINOcare. What I believe people voted for, and what we certainly need, is complete repeal — we certainly did not vote to replace; that’s just playing on the Democrat’s home court. Not repeal and replace, but repeal and deregulate. That’s liberty.

Seattle Sam

The “conventional wisdom” is that once you’ve started passing out freebies, you can’t take them back. But the conventional wisdom was also that nobody spouting protectionist and anti-immigration rhetoric could be elected president.
I would love to see the GOP have the guts to tell people they can go get health insurance or not — your choice. If you qualify for Medicaid, you do. But once you start conceding that people with $50,000 incomes (about the median) must get subsidies, you’ve lost the ballgame. Because in 8 or 16 years Democrats will simply offer subsidies to more and more people.
Insurers offer high deductible “true insurance” plans that middle class families can afford. You can make the premiums pre-tax (just like they are for employer paid plans). HSAs can be used for more routine expenditures.
Somehow we have to alter this idea that you can buy a home, a couple of cars, several cellphones, cable TV, computers, meals out, BUT you CAN’T AFFORD health care.


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