16 Mar 2017

This Is What Idiots Actually Think Today


4 Feedbacks on "This Is What Idiots Actually Think Today"


Women today enjoy special privilege/rights. So why do I suspect that these “binary” people quickly claim to be women when it benefits them. God only knows what the binary men do.


As far as bathrooms go I guess we are going to have to go totally unisex, or strictly individual bathrooms or put pictures of pussy hats on one door and the Washington Monument on the other. It’s the plumbing, not the feeling… I guess.

Seattle Sam

Confused and deluded people are not a new phenomenon. What is new is the assertion that all of the rest of us must share in the delusions.


Regarding unisex bathrooms there is a movement to create porta-potties for women only. They were not happy in unisex porta-potties where they sat down but were about nose level with the men’s urinal. These female only porta-potties are pink to make it clear to us “stand-up” guys that we don’t belong.


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