17 Mar 2017


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Hat tip to Stephen Green.

7 Feedbacks on "Inevitable"

Jeff Wood

Look at that girl. She is potentially pretty and happy. Instead she is on the path to miserable cronehood. Such a waste.


Dear SJW,
St Patrick lived before the concept of a “white race” was ever conceived. Stop projecting your modern neuroses onto everybody.
Plus, St. Patrick was a slave. And a lot of Irish people were slaves in North America and the Caribbean. Why do you hate people who were slaves? For most of history, the box in which you could put “white Irish privilege” was very, very small.
Learn some history.


My Irish grandfather used to say that as far as the Brits were concerned, “an Irishman was just a ni••er turned inside out”. So lighten up girl, there’s plenty if others who’ve had it rough in the past.




JK Brown

CactusJack, that shows how far things have gone, give the Celts were part of the original Britons. Could be worse, the Welsh where Britons in England that held their own identity, but not without getting labeled as “foreigners” in their own land.

“The name Welsh originated as an exonym given to its speakers by the Anglo-Saxons, meaning “foreign speech” (see Walha). The native term for the language is Cymraeg, and for the name of the country of Wales it is Cymru.”


Celt Angelina Jolie BuzzKill face. Happy St Pat’s Day,sweetie.


It is the internet version of a ‘selfie’. Get your picture out their saying something sanctimonious and virtue signaling. It is the pastime of the bored, better then thou, ‘I have too much free time’ generation XYZ no nothings. Compared to the greatest generation they are like a pimple on someone’s ass. I do honestly believe that ready or not we will all get a chance to face indomitable challenges and either become another greatest generation or fail terribly. Selfies and platitudes need not apply.


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