19 Mar 2017

One More Reason We Should Carpet-Bomb American Colleges & Universities

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Real article by Howard Rachlin, Emeritus Research Professor of Psychology, Stony Brook University and Marvin Frankel, Professor of psychology, Sarah Lawrence College:

It may be objected that parents’ desire to have their own biological children is so strong that they would be blind to the public good, that they would have babies and bring them up in secret. But those babies would not have birth certificates, they would not be citizens, they could not vote, serve in public office and so forth. If discovered, the children might be taken away after the strong bonds of psychological (as opposed to biological) parenthood had been formed. Few Americans would risk these penalties. …

Genetic chauvinism lives on very strongly in our culture. Modern fiction and cinema often present adoptees’ searches for biological parents and siblings in a highly positive light. The law in child custody cases is biased towards biological parents over real parents. You might claim that this bias itself is ‘natural’. It is so common as to seem part of our biological makeup. But subjugation of women was also common in primitive human cultures and remains so in many cultures today. Unnatural as it sounds, social mixing promises many advantages. If we are not willing to adopt it, we should consider carefully why. And if naturalness is the key, we should ask ourselves why on this matter, ungoverned nature should trump social cohesion.

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During football season we go to an inlaws to watch the local college team play on TV. Big party, plenty of drinking and everyone yells at the TV. I jokingly said I was rooting for the other team. My god I thought I was going to be lynched. Everyone on earth has these tendencies, it is tribal, normal and biased to be sure. We are usually unaware of this tendency to be prejudice/discriminating about almost everything in life. When cultures are thrown together this tendency can get ugly, doesn’t have to and doesn’t always but it can.

It is good that we are made aware of this tendency to discriminate and work to not let it interfere in our day to day interactions and how we treat others. Clearly this is good. But the constant critics and virtue signaling isn’t a good thing. This constant drum beat of “I’m completely pure and unprejudiced but you are not and I hate you for it” grows old. Blacks hate whites because of this constant drumbeat within their culture about all the bad things that the race baiters keep ranting and picking at to keep the culture war going. But underneath they are like my brother in law and his friends who would cut your heart out if you dare disagree with their particular biases.

Everyone has their biases and prejudices. The trick is to understand them and overcome them and more importantly to stop using them as a weapon. The race hustlers and baiters are just prejudiced themselves and either unaware or dishonest about it. They are like the KKK without the sheets.


It would be nice if, if one is going to say “our culture”, he would always look at the other known cultures. He would see that, 99% of the time, he should say “every culture”.

Soren Kierkaagard

The attacks on the family as the fundamental social unit continue. How perfectly elemental is a union of man and woman (traditional marriage) coming together to procreate children. Will we need to soon introduce the term parenthetical (traditional children) too?

JK Brown

So basically the English public school system for everyone?

Packing the kid off to strangers to raise at 8 and they are toughened up.



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