20 Mar 2017

The Moscow Drift


Popular Mechanics:

Russia’s tank force is largely staffed by teenagers drafted to serve their country for 12-month terms. The T-80UD has a manual transmission. Maybe you can see where this is going.

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Dick the Butcher

What’s not to like?

In the 1970’s (think Cold War), the West German AF and army were largely composed of draftees. Also, the Bundesluftwaffe(?) was flying (relatively) antiquated F-105 fighter planes. Note the USAFE was deploying F-16’s.

They blamed it on maintenance. Forget about crew training and horrid weather. The crash and death rate among German fighter pilots was remarkable.


The F-105 was only flown by the USAF. The Germans flew F-104s and F-4s at around that time. Never did they fly F-105s.


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