24 Mar 2017

“By the Name of Boston”


The story of a boy and his scorpion.

Via io9.

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Well that’s 2 minutes and 24 seconds I will never get back.

Capt. Craig

I agree GWTW. I think I will come back here less often.


For what it’s worth I am aware that on some things I can be a little out of touch. I don’t text, I don’t tweet, I don’t talk on my phone all day long, in fact I keep it shut off. I’m not always aware of what’s new. I see movie stars or singers on TV and say I have no idea who they are. It’s like I’m in my own world sometimes. So my wisecrack was simply intended to be funny and in some way hoping that someone wiser than I might be prompted into explaining the meaning or something about this short video. To be honest I didn’t get it but was left with the impression that is because I’m out of touch with all the stuff that 13 year olds are very familiar with. That’s all.

I’m one of those people who, while waiting in the line at the supermarket read the magazine covers about who is sleeping with who or who is pregnant or going to jail or whatever and think; who are these people. I mean who is Shia LaBeouf? I keep seeing his name or picture and wonder where he came from. Even names I know like Beyonce I can’t place a face with her and have to google her. I know who Burl Ives is or Hopalong Cassidy and Howdy Dowdy but who is J-zee (spelling doesns’t look right) and why should I care.

So I’m guessing that there is actual meaning to this clip but it went right over my head.


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