30 Mar 2017

Not the Same Catholic Church I Attended as a Boy

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Eponymous Flower:

On March 24, a meeting of Pope Francis held a celebration with 27 leaders of the world on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, in which this “curious” shot of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, a well-known pro-sodomy activist, along with his “husband”, was taken.

Attentive to this least “strange” event in the Vatican itself, is the leftist Secretary General of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias who has been quick to point it out with a complain about how Cardinal Cañizares is supposed to hate sodomites

One Feedback on "Not the Same Catholic Church I Attended as a Boy"

bob sykes

Pedophiles and homosexuals are now in control of the Catholic hierarchy. Pope Francis is the product of those people. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Church when the hierarchs finally come out of the closet.

The Eastern Orthodox churches appear to be less converged, and they might provide a refuge for traditionally minded Catholics. Or the Church might splinter.


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