03 Jul 2017

France: Then and Now

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It amazes me that more people do not see this and understand this. It will happen here too. Our courts/judges are now creating immigration law and it favors foreigners and discriminates against citizens. If Mexico (or any central or South American country) were to have a major civil war their population would flock to our borders and overwhelm us. Once safely ensconced they would demand their welfare housing food stamps and whatever health care our congress finally forces on us. We are set up, like France, to become a 3rd world country at the whim of some foreign military action that we cannot control or foresee.

Seattle Sam

And of course Bernie Sanders and his crowd wants us to be more like Europe.


Which, of course, is the reason President Trump is so necessary at this precise moment in time.

-The Wall will be built.
-The Illegal criminal gangs will be deported.
-Muslims from countries with no reliable vetting will be denied entry to our country.
-ISIS and it’s “caliphate” in Raqqa and Mosul is surrounded and being decimated as we speak.

And then of course on July 4th week, we have Barry Hussein Obama in Indonesia warning, in a speech to his real people, the dangers of patriotism.

Cannot Make This Shit Up.


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