03 Jul 2017

Obamacare II


Woodpile Report:

The ObamaCare debate is not about who gets a free ride and who pays the bills. We know who gets the free ride. We know who’s “privileged” to pay the bills. The debate is about arranging healthcare so those who pay don’t get in line ahead of those who don’t pay. We were promised repeal but, put simply, ObamaCare II remains just another way to force working people to subsidize non-working-and-never-will-work people. It’s also to the benefit of the insurance companies who wrote it, natch.

2 Feedbacks on "Obamacare II"

Seattle Sam

Once you concede that government should be involved in running healthcare, you are reduced to arguing over what form of suicide is the least painful

Steve Gregg

I wonder how many ways the government can screw the working guy before the entire edifice collapses.


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