28 Jul 2017

Darn! She Almost Had Him

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A young sow named Bear 148 almost caught a fleeing bicyclist earlier this month in British Columbia. Had it not been for a passing couple and their truck, she would have.

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Two Idaho sightseers wanted to see wildlife on a recent trip to Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, along the BC-Alberta line. Did they ever! The couple was driving a pickup truck along Highway 93 when they spotted a bicyclist heading their way, fast. It wasn’t until they saw what was behind him that his need for speed became clear.

A young grizzly bear, known to local authorities as Bear 148, was hot on the cyclist’s trail.

“I was sitting in the passenger seat and had my cell phone and had been taking scenic pictures all the way,” Cassie Beyer told CBC News. She continued taking pictures as the chase unfolded, snapping the above image during the process.

Another driver began honking their horn at the bear, allowing Beyer’s husband to put their truck between the cyclist and Bear 148. With the cyclist safe, the couple then headed on down the road.

This wasn’t the first encounter with humans Bear 148 has had this year. The young sow has chased a woman who was pushing a stroller and walking her dog; has interrupted a rugby event at a nearby high school; and has followed a number of hikers. She was relocated to nearby Kootenay National Park earlier in July but returned to Radium within two days.

As amazing as the bear’s brazenness is, the public’s outcry over the incident is even more so. Locals are organizing protests against the Alberta government’s decision to euthanize the bear if any more incidents occur, despite the many close calls people have had with 148 in 2017.


Well, if Bear 148 will stick to only eating bicylists, I think she ought to be treated as a priceless natural resource, be bred from, and have her offspring transplanted to Eastern states.

One Feedback on "Darn! She Almost Had Him"


So sorry Canadians that your government took away your guns. I live in a rural area and I camp and hike often. I carry. I don’t want to shoot a bear/cougar/wolf. I will try to not have to shoot one if I’m ever confronted. But the first thing I will do is place my hand on the gun and be ready while mimicking the fools on TV who shout “hey bear”. I mean why not shout “chocolate” or “I love New York”. The bear doesn’t know.

Yes someone will comment that a hand gun is not a good defensive weapon against a bear. I know that but it is what I carry and it is better than standing there flatfooted shouting “hey bear” and wishing you lived in a country where you could carry a weapon. Yes the bear may well attack me anyway but I would rather go down shooting back then have my last thoughts be those bastard politicians have killed me with their bastard laws.


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