27 Jul 2017

More PC Than Thou

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Even a transgender is either a brother or a sister. They may flip flop, they may not remember which they are from time to time but if you are human “brother and sister” pretty much covers all the gender options.


What does NB mean? I’m guessing “no balls”,but my ignorance is deep.


It must be tough trying to stay progressively progressive….


Yeah, I’m not so hip either. I think NB means what we used to call AC/DC and they now call non-binary. Or maybe non-binary really means something else and I just proved that indeed I’m not so hip either.

Reltney Mcfee

I’m not clear: If I’m transgendered, how the f rack do I need any services that Planned Parenthood provides?


Virtue Signalling,the latest service Planned Parenthood provides. They shine those rainbow hearts on a tall building,like the Bat signal.


Interesting that the Bible speaks to homosexuality, but nothing about transgender. Maybe we are closer to the story in Revelation, if the Bible is true.


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