04 Aug 2017


Type I Outlet (mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina) defeated with two nail clippers.

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Or they could get an adapter at Walmart for two bucks. Whatever.


I’d be interested to know how they got that in there without touching the bare metal and how they plan to get it out. And whether or not they understand the difference between 110v @60 Hz and 230v @50 Hz. Different plugs don’t have different configurations just for the fun of it, they have different configurations to keep you from plugging a device into the wrong power supply.


Party Poopers.

A modern laptop or phone charger doesn’t care about 120/240 volt or 50/60 Hz, they’re usually compatible with either.

Note the outlet has a switch for each plug, which encourages this sort of Genius tampering by removing the fool’s hazard.

MacGyver here should have wrapped the LH clipper with a little toilet paper or (better yet) the plastic bag from the ice bucket, to prevent short-circuit sparking with the other prong.

All that said, I hope the idiot didn’t burn the place down, but on the bright side at least his phone is charged so he can call 911.


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