28 Aug 2017

Role Model

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One Feedback on "Role Model"


Well good for them but I still concluded that standing with arms locked was just a “different” form of protest. I don’t protest the national anthem and I don’t expect the sports figures/players to either. I will boycott a business (the NFL) who allows this. I don’t watch the self loathing oscars and other shows like this simply because I’m tired of being lectured and talked down to by the very people whose own lives are a moral and legal disaster.

I would stand up and protest every time an NFL player committed rape, drove drunk, shot someone, beat someone up, spoke out offensively, etc. But there isn’t enough time on earth to cover for all their sins. I sure as hell don’t want these deeply flawed people disrepecting the flag, our country and preaching to me. Thank you very much now go fix your own damn life.


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