20 Sep 2017

Latest News from the Insane Asylum in New Haven

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Endangered portraits in the Davenport College Dining Hall.

The Oldest College Daily keeps the craziness a-coming.

Head of Davenport College John Witt announced on Monday the formation of a student committee charged with improving the diversity of the portraits that hang from the walls of the college.

In a collegewide email, Witt — who last year chaired the faculty-led committee that drafted broad principles on renaming and who took over as head of Davenport this fall — wrote that the committee would explore ways to complement the portraits hanging in the college with “more contemporary images of figures from a wide array of backgrounds and from many walks of life.”

“It’s … fair to say that the imagery of our walls has not quite kept up with our traditions,” Witt wrote. “For several decades now, the imagery of our walls has not reflected the diversity of Davenport’s student body, fellowship or staff.” …

College artwork played an important role over the last two years in the racially charged debate leading up to the renaming of Calhoun College in February. In the winter of 2016, Julia Adams, the head of the newly renamed Grace Hopper College, had portraits of John C. Calhoun, class of 1804, removed from the dining hall and college house. …

According to Tresa Joseph ’18, co-president of the Davenport College Council and a former Production and Design Editor for the News, Witt solicited advice on the portrait project from the DCC and the college at large on multiple occasions before Monday’s announcement, including during a recent council meeting.

“I think he is someone who is genuinely open to input and collaboration with the students, which is why I think that this committee that he’s forming is really promising,” Joseph said.

Other Davenport students interviewed also applauded Witt’s initiative.

Tarek Ziad ’20 said the portrait project epitomizes Witt’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, which several students said has defined the first weeks of his tenure as Davenport head. Witt has already assembled a group of black graduate affiliates to advise black Davenport students, Ziad said.

Kesi Wilson ’21 said that given Yale’s tendency to sometimes honor the wrong leaders, it is important to line Davenport’s walls with figures students can collectively admire.

So, the portraits of Yale’s first rector, John Davenport, and other great men who achieved real accomplishments of significance for Yale and the Nation are to come down to be replaced with representatives of currently favored identity groups, whose student members, fellows, and faculty are really only at Yale through the extraordinarily benevolent charity of the original Yale founding constituency (the one currently being purged) coupled with heavy-thumb-on-the-scale group favoritism.

Evidently admitting dubiously-qualified minorities to Yale, creating new departments of Bogus Group-Ego-Stroking Studies and hiring a bunch of academic fraudsters and mountebanks on the basis of skin color, sexual perversity, and virulently radical opinions was not enough. Having filled the University nest with cuckoos, the current presiding administration is proceeding with a purge of Yale’s history, eliminating the great men of European ancestry which contemporary snowflakes of color or sodomitical inclination can neither identify with nor admire.

Personally, I find in all of this prima facie evidence that new constituency intrinsically alienated from, and hostile towards, Yale’s and America’s past are insolently egotistical, poorly-educated barbarians and bad citizens utterly intellectually unqualified and morally unworthy of admission or teaching or administrative appointment in the first place.


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Seattle Sam

Who will be in charge of the required diversity scoreboard? For example will 2 lesbians be too many or too few? What if they can’t find any Davenport alums who are transsexual? Can they borrow from Pierson? I’m assuming actual accomplishment will be subordinate to group identities. It would be embarrassing to discover that the most significant Davenport alums were white males.

Seattle Sam

Yale used to have a department of American Studies (I’m sure the term is now offensive). It would probably be a good idea to create an Ego Studies Department under which sub-categories of black studies, gender fluid studies, women’s studies, Hispanic studies, Queer studies, Lesbian film studies, Muslim Studies, etc. etc. etc. would fall. Then as each new ego group came into fashion you wouldn’t have to form an entirely new department. It’s hard to predict what the next craze might be.

The university also needs to consolidate a number of different departments under something akin to the old American Studies (that term no doubt is offensive today). I would propose to call it “Ego Studies”, under which sub-categories of black studies, gender studies, women’s studies, Hispanic studies, Queer studies, Lesbian film studies, Muslim Studies, etc. etc. etc. would fall. That way, as each new ego group came into fashion you wouldn’t have to form an entirely new department. It’s hard to predict what the next craze might be.

Which leads to an interesting exercise/contest. What will be the next identity group to demand ego satisfaction? I’m thinking pedophiles. They seem to be one of the last deviant groups that hasn’t received approbation (outside of the Seattle City Council, that is). Surely they must have written some great literature or created lovely artwork.

Dick the Butcher

The left (one-quarter-or-less of America) is clinically insane. Act accordingly.

Walter Ohlinger

I get tremendous pleasure simply knowing that my vote helped make the Liberal mornings seem like someone defecated in their Cheerios.

bob sykes

The is no reason why an intelligent, ambitious young White male should go to college, any college, any discipline.

Of course, without them, the disciplines, our learned professions, and our technological economy would collapse. But Conan did pretty well in his barbaric, Indo-European world.

Maggie's Farm

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Samuel R. Delany is probably dual qualified as a pedophile and black. Marion Zimmer Bradley is also dual qualified as a pedophile and as a woman. You get what you ask for I guess.


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