24 Oct 2017

Kurt Schlichter Nukes George W. Bush and the Anti-Trump GOP Establishment

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George W. Bush attacks Trump for promoting “bigotry and falsehoods.”

Kurt Schlichter responds to the GWB speech of four days ago, in which the former president broke his long political silence… to attack a Republican Administration.

All human institutions are essentially a reboot of high school, and within the political scene the Never Trumpers are convinced that they are the cool kids despite being the chess club of American politics. No, they aren’t the cool kids. They’re geeks, they haven’t won a tournament in years and, more importantly, they’re the freaking chess club.

In contrast, we normals are just that, the members of the student body who have lives and after-school jobs and girlfriends and who don’t care about the dorks padding their resume with student body presidencies or, in this case, jobs at the Eagle Liberty Council for Freedom. Except now we normals have been forced to pay attention because the would-be in-crowd has so totally screwed things up that there’s no real choice but get involved in campus activities and burn down the whole damn schoolhouse. …

What have these guys achieved? The clowns they support in Congress can’t even repeal Obamacare. …

We normals are sick of being looked down upon and exploited by a bunch of people who, if this was a movie, would be played by James Spader – except trainwreck 2017 James Spader, not louche/suave 1986 James Spader. I guess that makes Bill Kristol the Nepo-Con Duckie, if Duckie was a less-cool, backstabbing deep-state-loving weasel trying to sell Molly Ringwald a cabin on one of his crappy cruises.

In place of trying to earn respect by demonstrating competence, they’ve chosen to try to diss us into submission. George W. Bush decided to go all Mean Girls in a speech that insulted his (former) supporters while delighting the left, and therefore the Never Trumpers. Now, if you read W’s speech on paper, every word of it about bigotry being bad is true. But you give speeches in context, and here the context is decades of leftists and their media poodles falsely accusing the normals of racism and bigotry. So when W adopted that language, he also knowingly or negligently adopted that narrative; the former newspaper and current brochure known as the L.A. Times crowed: “In stunning attack, George W. Bush rebukes Trump, suggesting he promotes falsehoods and prejudice.”

And so, of course, the supporters of this Trump guy are therefore…. Well, you get the picture. That is, if you’re not being willfully obtuse, like the Fredocons, who were delighted that Bush decided to break his 16 years of super-principled silence in the face of liberal attacks to slander the very people who had voted for him and defended him. If being “principled” means letting liberals use you like a slit trench then trashing the people who had your back to please the people using you like a slit trench, you can keep your damned principles.


Scathing, but deserved.

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Kurt got it exactly right.

I genuinely like George Bush (both of them). I think they are honest and good men with a heart of gold. I would like them as friends or to be my dad or grandfather. But as president they were not tough enough and were easily played by the left/socialists/communists in our country. Let’s face it in this speech Bush took a knee. He screwed up, he is wrong, dead wrong.

We need a tough president not a “nice guy”. We need an honest president not a Obama or Hillary. Maybe Trump isn’t the best man for the job, I’ll cede that, but the “best man” was not in the race in 2016. Our other choices in 2016 (except for Ted Cruz) were dumb and dumber. Trump was head and shoulders better than Hillary or Bernie.

Seattle Sam

I can have a little empathy for W. Imagine all the rules your mother taught you growing up — be polite, respect your elders, eat everything that’s on your plate, etc — were being overturned, and the kids who flaunted them were the ones getting ahead of you. For a politician (particularly from a long line of Bushes), it must feel similar. I played by The Rules. You should, too.

Now the real question is: Was Mother wrong? Or is Mother still right, and we’re just looking at some bratty kids throwing tantrums who will shortly get their comeuppance?


Mother was right. But Dad should have taught the kid how to deal with bullies.


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