31 Oct 2017

I Could Live There

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Červená Lhota Castle

ÄŒervená Lhota is a château about 20 kilometres (12 mi) north-west of JindÅ™ichův Hradec in south Bohemia, Czech Republic. …Its name ÄŒervená Lhota* meaning “red lhota” can be explained by the colour of the château’s bright-red roof tiles. … [Acquired by the knightly family of Káb of Rybňan sometime around 1530. The family had the original Gothic castle rebuilt and the basic Renaissance remodelling carried out between 1542-1555. …The four-winged two-storey château, with a small courtyard in the center, occupies the whole rock and juts into the fishpond. A stone bridge, built in 1622, links the château with the banks of the pond, replacing the original drawbridge.

* Lhota, name of Czech villages, founded during the Middle-age colonization in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia

2 Feedbacks on "I Could Live There"


Naw! Probably impossible to heat with wood burning fireplaces and not to mention when the village rises up against you there is no place to hide in a big red chateau in the middle of a pond. I prefer a small cabin in the deep woods.

Fred Baumann

Well it’s a lovely place, especially with the wise provision for limited lawn-mowing, but it strikes me that the “moat” kind of got away from you there…


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