03 Dec 2017

Millennials, You Listen to This Guy!

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I get it that the Democrats want to oppose everything that republicans want to do. OK I get it. But this is crazy. It is as if the Republicans found the cure for cancer that the Democrats would oppose it because it was not a Democrat idea.

Cutting the corporate taxes (and of course reducing the bureaucratic rules) will bring on a booming economy with jobs for all and everyone will benefit. But because it isn’t a Democrat idea they cannot support it and feel obligated to lie about it in an attempt to stop it or at the least to gain some advantage among the vast pool of uninformed voters in the next election. In other words screw America we just want to get elected and take power and raise taxes so we can pay off our cronies. Did I get that correct???

jerry the geek

Of course, our Republican politicians are NOTHING like that!

Spurt Reynolds

The old dem leadership is going to put the dems out of power for generations… Oh Darn!

Maybe conservatives can fix the mess the libs created over the last 60 years!


Okay, so Eichenwald is writing from his little haven in Canada, right?

Seattle Sam

If Verizon refunded everyone’s money for a month, Democrats would complain that people with high data plans received more back than people with low data plans and that people with Obamaphones got nothing at all.


I really agree with his suggestion that people who agree with him ought to move out of the country.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!
Well done, Kurt!


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