14 Jan 2018

This Dude Says Trump Is Right About Nigeria

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One Feedback on "This Dude Says Trump Is Right About Nigeria"


Everyone knows Trump was right. It was a “Bell Curve” moment. And just like the “Bell Curve” it was an opportunity to be outraged and point the finger and try to destroy the opposition.

There is an interesting paradox in all of this. The very same people who would argue that the U.S. has no business trying to bring freedom and capitalism to other countries will insist that we should bring them here as immigrants because their country is so oppressive, or in the vernacular it is a shithole.

IMHO what we should do is try to force Haiti to stop the corruption, improve the health care, justice system and education and become more democratic and capitalist. We should do this in everyone of these shithole countries. Not by military might but by remaking the UN, repurposing our diplomacy mission and by economic carrots and sticks. We could help these countries in friendly and useful ways.


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