15 Jan 2018

The Progressives Are Coming For the Alamo!

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Clash America is warning us:

The plan to ‘reimagine’ the Alamo is well underway… and it’s a giant load of crap.

A plan to restore and ‘reimagine’ the Alamo been in the works for some years, and it’s not just a sprucing up of the place.

It’s a whole new ‘reimagined’ Alamo that won’t focus on the battle that the site is known for.

The Master Planner of the project, George Skarmeas, said, ‘We cannot single out one moment in time.’ …

The Master Plan includes items that cover 300 years of history but will focus on the diversity of cultures of the area. The plan includes being ‘inclusive’ by ‘telling all sides of the military story’.

People in Texas need to stop this.

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Seattle Sam

Remember the Multiculturalists!

Dick the Butcher

Is the issue too many useless POS’s emigrating from high-tax, blue states to TX?

Liberals fleeing high-tax Massachusetts could foul up New Hampshire.


“We cannot single out one moment in time”. Why not ??


Glad I took my family to the Alamo years ago. We all had a good time except my wife (a Mexican citizen). She was kind of ambivalent, but at least she didn’t make a scene.

As far as the “single moment in time” crap, that’s just that, crap. There are other missions there that survive and the ONLY thing that distinguishes the Alamo from them is that “single moment in time”.

Steve Gregg

That single moment in time at the Alamo made all the difference.

James Pritchett

What’s next, sushi on the Arizona?


Patriots should form a tax exempt charity and get the city (county?) to deed the property to them to take care of it and keep it from the hands of those who want to rewrite history.

“Forget the Alamo!” – The Orthosphere

[…] David Zincavage thinks that “people in Texas need to stop this,” but I think Zincavage (a good egg, so far as I can tell) needs to look a little closer at the congeries of discordant peoples who now constitute “people in Texas.”  Among these “people in Texas,” what we might call the people of Texas are a rapidly shrinking ethnicity.  It is true that, to the people of Texas, the Alamo is a national shrine, on the order of the Hill of Tepeyac in the valley of Mexico, but to most other people in Texas, it is either a rather dull sideshow to the San Antonio Riverwalk, or a hated symbol of White Supremacy. […]


“People in Texas need to stop this.”

Long past time to stop it with bullets, but well begun is half done.


I’m sure that 180 good Texans could be found to stop this.


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