21 Jan 2018

SNL Lost It Last Night

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Trump is really getting to them. Isn’t the frustration delicious?

4 Feedbacks on "SNL Lost It Last Night"

JK Brown

Why does all the “canned” laughter on SNL sound like nervous laughter?

On the upside, the contestants stay at Trump Tower was pretty funny.

I’ve thought on those awards show instead of doing those horrible, vulgar Trump jokes, the “comedian” should just com to the podium, feign being unable to get the words out a few times, then lean into the mic and say “Donald Trump” with a shrug and walk off.

Steve Gregg

Looks like SNL is going the way of those German “comedians” who are just polemicists feeding their lefty audiences the hate biscuits they crave.

Seattle Sam

I wonder what would have happened if they had accidently said, “President Obama lied to the public about whether they could keep their doctors under Obamacare. Does it matter?”

Spurt Reynolds

No one cares about SNL anymore… they are just a propaganda machine like CNN & MSNBC for the Dim party.


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