10 Feb 2018

Those Mean Conservatives Are Picking on Him!

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The Tweet comment by Charlie Kirk above provoked this response from author Jesse Farrar:


Tweet subsequently removed by Twitter.


Farrar’s Tweet in turn prompted conservative commentary and criticism, so now Farrar is using his homebase at Vice to explain why he is really the victim here.

A newfound object of vitriol from conservatives all around the internet, Farrar received a deluge of death threats and harassment. One Twitter user replied to a picture he tweeted of his dog by saying, “I’d like to drown that dog.” Another man messaged him his home address, daring Farrar to try to drown him. “I will beat that ass until all your liberal snowflake friends can’t even recognize you,” the man threatened.

So many people reported Farrar’s tweet, his account is now restricted (meaning he can’t tweet) for the next seven days. I called up Farrar to ask about his newfound infamy, and whether or not he has any regrets:

VICE: Can you tell me about the Twitter interaction with Charlie Kirk yesterday that led to this madness?

Jesse Farrar: It’s a mythical idea to begin with, that colleges are a bastion of left-wing thought. Even if that were true, the idea that they were like, “Oh that guy has an American flag on his shirt, he gets an F now” is just so dumb. I was just sitting around, and I think I probably phrased it pretty badly—um, I think that’s fair to say. I maybe did not turn the most delicate phrase when I said that conservative students should be drowned. Well, I said their heads should be held underwater until they stop breathing, which, not to split hairs, but it’s not exactly the same thing.

I didn’t say I was going to do it, which seems to be a big misconception. I don’t have access to that much water or college campuses. It would be a logistical nightmare for me to pull that off.

IJR was the first place to write about your tweet. But then FOX & Friends picked it up. Did they ask you to be on the show?

Nah. One guy asked from a campus college magazine [asked me for comment], and I told him I was the president of VICE, but he didn’t print that. Also, that’s not true. Nobody has asked me anything or said anything to me at all. It’s very strange. Either it’s the death threats, or it’s my friends saying, “Wow, that sucks.” But it’s not really anything in the middle.

It’s kind of ironic that you’re getting threats for making a death threat joke.

I would say so.

4 Feedbacks on "Those Mean Conservatives Are Picking on Him!"


I said a prayer for the little asshole Farrar.

Dink Newcomb

Farrar may be little but a hog wallowing in feces but damn if that boy can’t tap dance all around admitting he makes gross statements to earn some street cred among the liberal readers in the Satan’s Clubhouse section of the net.

Steve Gregg

The more they lie, the more liberals lose. And this is a bad, stupid lie told badly, because liberals refuse to own their bad behavior. This blatant Soviet-style denial entrenches conservatives more in their belief that you can not reason, negotiate, nor bargain with intransigent liberals who refuse to do so in good faith. So, we just have to beat these bastards with whatever is at hand.

Like Trump.


The internet is a nasty place. I like my grandmother’s advice to me in the 6th grade after I said something nasty about someone and it got back to them. “Never say anything in private that you would not want to be heard in public or worse by your grandmother”. I have to admit I didn’t really get it. I knew what she meant and I agreed at some level she was right but it took me years before I full appreciated her wisdom. I practice that including my actions not just my words. BUT, I still choose to remain anonymous on the internet. It can be a nasty place.


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