18 Feb 2018

Marine Corps Lowers Infantry Officer Standards

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The Marine Corps has made a major change to its Infantry Officer Course. The first big challenge for many was a test of physical fitness. If you passed, you moved on. If you didn’t, you washed out. The test was especially difficult for women who had to meet the same standard as the men. Not anymore.

The Infantry Officer Course now uses the physical fitness test as an exercise, and not a pass/fail requirement.

Officials with Marine Corps Training and Education Command told Military.com “that Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller had made a decision in November to transform the test from a high-stakes hurdle to an assessment from which students can drop without risking their place in the course.”

“[Neller] approved modifications to the IOC [program of instruction] to better tie student evaluation and graduation requirements to published infantry training and readiness manual, military occupational specialty specific performance standards, and operating force requirements,” TECOM officials said in a statement.


Vox Day blows up:

As Martin van Creveld, the Israeli military historian has noted, the more women enter any professional field, the more men leave it. And as the men depart, so to do the prestige and the economic rewards provided by the field. This creates a vicious cycle that both expels existing men from the field while repelling new men from entering it.

If the universities can be considered a reliable model, we’re about three decades away from a majority female Marine Corps. No wonder China is content to patiently wait for its opportunity. This marks the second step in the end of the USMC’s historical prestige. Even current female Marine officers understand this.

    “Changing this rite of passage will be doing female Marines no favors in trying to be infantry officers,” Marine 2nd Lt. Emma Stokien, a Marine Corps intelligence officer, wrote. “Female Marines often have to work much harder than their peers to earn the same respect, and entering the infantry under the dark cloud of even perceived lowered standards will make this a practically impossible challenge and potentially cause real harm to unit cohesion and the faith between leader and led.”

Permitting women to join the Marine Corps was the first mistake. Unqualified female officers are the second one. But the empire is in decline, and so these events are not even remotely surprising. There will be more unnecessary mistakes in the future and they will be more and more disastrous, until the empire “unexpectedly” crumbles for “no reason at all.”

Why isn’t Mattis doing something about this?

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This is a terrible mistake. We are diluting the effectiveness of our military at a time when we are reducing the total “man”power. These two facts together double the problem we are creating.

The problem with affirmative action is that it’s worst effects are hidden or covered by the remaining capable people making up the team. How many inadequate people can you put into a marine squad before it becomes obvious that you have destroyed it’s effectiveness? What makes this worse is the inadequate people are women and it is a natural male human trait that the men will risk themselves and their team mission to protect a woman.

Here is a simple fix to this problem. In the Marines or army create female only forces and put them into battle. let them sink or swim without the “crutch” of men there to shore them up when they fail. I have suggested the same thing for fire departments. Any large city could probably have enough women firemen to “man” a station. Let them do it. Let’s see if that lack of upper body strength is no big deal?

I have no doubt of the women’s sincerity and desire to do the job. I have no doubt about women’s mental and even physical strength. Women have throughout history survived and excelled in tough situations and even in tough lifestyles. But this is different in that in military and firefighting it is a tough physical job that requires the kind of physical upper body strength that is common in men and rare in women. And it isn’t simply a matter of saying “good job” when you come in second place our military must win because we all depend on it.

If women, all women are so convinced that men and women are equal enough that the can be equally effective in the military than they should demand we end the laws around domestic violence because quite simply those laws exist because of the obvious fact that women are much weaker than men and should not be abused by men. So what the hell are they doing in the military???

Dick the Butcher

They had to. They couldn’t lower the ’78’ IQ minimum.

Seattle Sam

This is the way it always works.

Step 1: Hey there are a few (fill in the blank: woman, homosexual, transgender, handicapped, etc.) that can do the job. You must allow them in to your organization.
Step 2: I notice that there are not very many () in your organization. You must be discriminating against them. Do whatever you need to do to get more ().
Step 3: You WILL have just as many () as there are in the general population.
Step 4: The organization goes to shit.

Stephen C Moose

There will always be inequality. If one is not eqipped to do the task, then the task cannot be completed.

Is your goal to win a war or to assert “Equal Rights”?…………DUH………

There must be exceptions for the PROTECTION OF A NATION !!!!!!!

War is not FAIR……Do not try to play fair. Every Ennemy of this country would love to see an opposing force playing by the rules of fairness.
Yeah…..they know they just won the bloody war.

You Morons need to THINK….Just a little! ..PLEASE….


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