08 Mar 2018

Too Alt-Right For Me

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Brett Stevens wants reparations with repatriation.

For a moment, step back from your preconceptions and view this world from the viewpoint of a minority group who were not the founders of a nation.

This place was not designed for you. None of its symbols, customs, values, imagery, or history fits you. In fact, the majority only makes it worse when they try to include you, because this does not negate the fact that you were brought here as labor, whether in chains or as a low-paid immigrant.

You can try to “assimilate,” as the moron conservatives argue, but that means giving up who you are and admitting that you are a conquered people. In fact, no matter what you do, you will feel like a conquered people, at least until you live in a land founded by your people, designed for your people, commanded by your people.

This applies to every group but the founding Western Europeans. [Emphasis added] If you are not English, German, Scots, Dutch, northern French, or Nordic, you are going to find that the founding group look different from you and their values and customs are alien to you. Their ways exclude the ways you need to live and behave.

As a result, you are always looking for compensation. Not because you feel injured, per se, because you are living better here than in your source nation. You want compensation because you feel left out, and you are always going to feel left out until your people are in control.

And those nice majority people? They seem friendly, but you know that everyone acts in their own best interests and wants to live among people like themselves. When they run off to a Whitopia, you know that even if you batter down the doors and get in, that place is Not For You.

You contemplate going back to your source nation. It might be a little rough, but there are great places to live in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Your middle classes now have the knowledge they picked up at trade schools and business schools to make an American/European-style first world nation within the third world.


OK, grumpy old un-PC type that I am, the idea of writing a check and then waving bye-bye to Ta-Nehisi Coates has more than a little appeal. But, what do you know? Micks, Wops, Bohunks and Polacks, all the Roman Catholic ethnic groups are also not “founding Western Europeans” and are evidently hopelessly unassimilable, even us Lithuanians (unless we get to sneak in, just like those non-founding square-headed Scandinavians, under the “Nordic” quota, based on conspicuously large percentages of people with blue eyes and blond hair).

If I’m going back to Lithuania, my reparations had better be large enough to acquire and restore a decent manor house.

And, just think, Dutchies like Vanderleun get to stay!

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What it all comes down to is a learned bias and hate. If you were born in America you are not from a 3rd world country you are from America. I understand that your parents may have a different experience and different views but that is where the bias comes from. Then people like Ta-Nehisi Coates and a long list of race baiters create the hate based on the bias you learned at your parents knee (or in school, church or on the street).

You do not have to have the bias. Many families teach their history and culture while embracing their adopted country. It is good to know your history and celebrate the good things in it. It is bad to hate your adopted country simply because it is not your where your parents or grandparents were born.

I do not know if you can argue these people out of their bias and hate. They will form their little ethnic KKK’s and try to mainstream their hate. No good can come of this. The parents who perpetuate this should be ashamed.

I grew up in a town with immigrants in the 40’s and 50’s. Jews, Irish, Italians, Armenians, Polish, even a few from Eastern Europe. Every year we would be introduced to a new student immigrant and the teacher would tell us to help him as he does not understand English and within 3 months the new child could speak English well. But if you were to go to their home to visit it was not uncommon to find that only their native language was spoken at home. But over time the adults (not always the grandparents) learned English too and became Americans. Americans with proud heritages, as it should be.

ed in texas

Ok, so the Spanish and French parts of my father’s family were here in Texas before the Americans arrived, and before the English and Scotch parts of my mother’s family got here.
Existential crisis.

Steve Gregg

So liberals and blacks want white people to pay damages for a crime they never committed to blacks for a slavery they never suffered?

I hope Democrats run on that next election. It would put their racism front and center and put an end to them as a party.


Speaking as a damned-near 100% German-American, I felt hurt and excluded when Benjamin Franklin wrote his piece regarding the “stupid swarthy Germans” invading Pennsylvania and presumably taking all the WASPs’ land, jobs and women.


Stephen M Lawrence

Stevens so hates the rise of Trumpism that he believes he has an influential enough voice to convince non Western Europeans that they are hated. Slovak descended here, and I was happy to become part of this great melting pot. In fact, we were encouraged to do so…


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