24 Mar 2018

Actors Cold Read Statistical Facts About Guns


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Seattle Sam

Never let facts get in the way of a really good emotional argument.


How did this get past the censors at youtube?

Dick the Butcher

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Emotions are facile and self-fulfilling. Facts are solid, immutable and demanding. Worst of all, facts harsh the leftist myth.


I avoided watching the march against the 2nd amendment because it seemed offensive to me. It has obviously devolved into a far left, anti-Republican, pro-Marxism agenda. It is funded by far left organizations, some of which are so far to the left that they must hide their affiliation. The speakers are overwhelmingly negative and propagandized and simply wrong on most everything. But this morning when I got up and turned on the TV they showed a video clip of highlights from the anti-civil rights march and I was struck by the obvious similarity with pre WW II fascism rallys in Europe. It was all classic fascism. The hate, the lies, the over the top rhetoric. After a number of video shots of the children, many not even past puberty I was again struck by the comparison with Hitlers youth corp. Same tactics, same reasons; to exploit and propagandize. In fact it occurred to me that the next thing from this cabal of far left Marxists would be a plea for children to turn in their parents who might own an unregistered gun. One of the last clips showed David Hogg giving his stirring “Mein Kampf” speech and ending it with a “Sieg heil!” salute. I swear it was a “Sieg heil!” salute. It may not have been intentional but there it was on TV. It was classic fascism!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”


Martin Smith

The USA is # 111 for per capita homicides.



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