12 Apr 2018

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It is the Saul Alinsky Neo-Marxist, Neo-Fascist rules for radicals. It is Fascism rebranded. It works. Beat your opponent into the ground and shame/guilt everyone else into giving you free stuff and giving up their freedoms. 90% or more of us are brought up in the comfortable Western culture and have no defense against this. Everyone’s been nice to us and we expect that. When an angry loud activist with a plan and a script demands concessions from us and uses guilt, real or imagined, as their weapon of choice we cave in. If we do not give in to them then they destroy us as an object lesson to the rest of the Kulaks.

There are two appropriate responses:
1. If you aren’t “up” to dealing with them then ignore them and get out of their way.
2. Out rude them. Be just as loud and angry, but not violent, as they are. Refute everything they say and toss their insults right back at them. Use their methods against them just being careful not to use violence or inappropriate language because your words and actions will be examined by the MSM but not theirs. Don’t hang around for the verbal mud wrestling, simply say your piece and walk away. Do not get baited into prolonged verbal conflict or a physical confrontation.

Seattle Sam

One other similarity. When presented with a rational argument, hyenas do not attack the argument; they attack the arguer.

JK Brown

Secular pietists. Most of what we associate with Puritans was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s passive aggressive slam against the radical Pietists of his day.

“But by the 19th century, unfortunately, such was not the case. Most pietists took the following view: Since we can’t gauge an individual’s morality by his following rituals or even by his professed adherence to creed, we must watch his actions and see if he is really moral.

“From there the pietists concluded that it was everyone’s moral duty to his own salvation to see to it that his fellow men as well as himself are kept out of temptation’s path. That is, it was supposed to be the State’s business to enforce compulsory morality, to create the proper moral climate for maximizing salvation. In short, instead of an individualist, the pietist now tended to become a pest, a busybody, a moral watchdog for his fellow man, and a compulsory moralist using the State to outlaw “vice” as well as crime.”
–Murray Rothbard

The mid-19th century pietists became the late-19th century Progressives. But around 1920, the Progressives split with one group throwing off Christianity to adopt Marxism as their dogma and lifting the State above all other gods.

Mark Bedrich

That’s why Whoopie Goldberg was such a natural in The Lion King”.


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