08 May 2018

Lava from Kilauea Volcano

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Dick the Butcher

Such catastrophes didn’t happen until they converted to Christianity.

Then again, they likely couldn’t find a virgin to throw in the volcano.


That volcano has no respect whatsoever for private property. There ought to be a law!

And on a related note; never trust valet parking.

Steve Gregg

I dropped bombs on Hawaii. The middle of the big island of Hawaii is a lava field with lava tubes that open on the surface with no apparent bottom. It is a very rough black and grey surface which the army uses as an artillery range.

My Air Force F-4 squadron deployed to Hawaii and we loaded up 500 pound Mk-82 general purpose bombs to drop, the second time for me to drop live. I was surprised we could drop such bombs on Hawaii with such pricey real estate so close on the coast, but we did.

After we dropped our bombs, we flew a lap around the island. It had just rained and the island was draining. All through the bright green jungle canopy you could see little waterfalls glittering like diamonds. It was quite beautiful.

When bombs explode, it looks quite impressive from ten thousand feet directly above. They explode with an ugly deep orange flame and lots of black smoke. By the time we were done, it looked like a junk yard full of used tires that had been burning all day.

But as we flew away, I looked back to see that smoke get thinner and thinner. On a human scale, the bombs seemed huge and destructive, but on a geographical scale, they were but a pinprick.


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